Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Castle Entrance Guide Part 3

Now that you have the Invert ability (from Inferno Cavern boss) and the Aegis Plate (from Towers of Twin Dragons) you are able to advance deeper into the Castle Entrance. This Castle Entrance guide part 3 will help you navigate this new area.

Castle Entrance: Optional Room

Image showing an optional room you can enter in the Castle Entrance using Invert.

Before heading to the statue room make your way to the other large vertical room to the right of that room. Inside this room you can Invert to reach two rooms accessible from the ceiling (on the ceiling there is a Gold Chest). Inside this room you will find a Materials Chest, Max Ammo Up, and Meat/R.

Castle Entrance: Statue Room

Make your way to the falling statue room in the Castle Entrance. Equip the Aegis Plate and Invert. You will go falling down the room. Make your way past the spikes and iron maidens and you will reach the roof. Head to the left room first to reach a Green Chest, open it to get the Crow Hat. Head to the right to reach the next area, the Oriental Sorcery Lab.

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