Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Towers of Twin Dragons Guide Part 3

Once you have the Invert ability (gained in the Inferno Cave), make your way back to the Towers of Twin Dragons. Here we can reach a key story item we will need to advance. Find out how to get this item in our Towers of Twin Dragons guide part 3 below.

Towers of Twin Dragons: Valkyrie Dress Location

Image showing the location of the Valkyrie Dress.

To get started fast travel to the top of the Towers of Twin Dragons. Make your way back to the boss arena and use Invert on the gap you see by the entrance. Grab the Green Chest here to get the Valkyrie Dress. From here make your way to the bottom of the tower (where you got the Silver Bromide).

Towers of Twin Dragons: Aegis Plate Location

Image showing the Aegis Plate location.

At the base of the tower stand where I am standing in the picture above and Invert you will reach a high ledge. Drop off the ledge and stand beside the spikes then Invert to reach the Green Chest with the Aegis Plate inside. This armor stops you from taking damage from spikes and traps. We need this item to proceed deeper into the Castle Entrance. Head there now (you want to go to the entrance room with the falling statue).

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