Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Inferno Cave Guide

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After you make your way through the Secret Sorcery Lab you will arrive in the Inferno Cave. As the name suggests, this area is all about flames. To help you navigate your way through, here’s our Inferno Cave guide.

Inferno Cave Map

Image showing the Inferno Cave map.

The Inferno Cave area is relatively small. Use this map above to help you traverse it. Note the areas of importance (circled).

Inferno Cave: Getting to Boss

Head down the first long vertical rooma and make your way to the right exit. Go into the next large square room. Grab the Materials Chest on the top right side of the room then exit via the right exit.

Image showing how to reach a materials chest in the Inferno Cave.

Head along through the narrow horizontal room. Stop halfway and drop down to the platform below. Drop to the ledge on your left then use the Reflector Ray to reach the Materials Chest on the right. Return to the upper platform and continue right to the next room.

In this next room make your way up to the top right corner to reach a Materials Chest (other chest along the way is a mimic). Drop down and exit through the right door. Return to this room with Invert to reach the Green Chest containing Flame Scarf.

Image showing a breakable wall in Inferno Cave.

Cross the platforms to the right in this large square room to reach breakable wall. Break it to access a room with a Green Chest in it. Inside this chest is the Risk Ring. Return to the large square room and head up the platforms to the left. Stop on the top left ledge and break the wall to get the Lethality Ring. Leave the room through the top right exit (use Reflector Ray to fit through opening before exit).

Head through this next large room (return here with Invert to reach room in upper right corner, contains Ultimate Ammunition/R) and you will reach a small room with three exits. The top right exit is a Save Room, the bottom left exit is a Fast Travel Room, and the bottom right exit is a boss room. Once you’ve saved and stocked up on supplies, enter the boss room.

Inferno Cave Boss: Orobas

Image showing the Inferno Cave Boss Orobas.

Orobas is the boss you will need to defeat in the Inferno Cave. This boss drops the Invert ability when defeated. You need this ability to advance the story to get the good ending. Once Orobas is defeated you will unlock the Rodeo Star achievement. After defeating Orobas, save your game then head to the room to the right of the boss arena.

Invert this room to reach the exit on the right top right side. If you wish you can invert to reach the room on the left side to get at a Materials Chest. Once you’ve done this exit the room via the top right exit.

Continue along the roof of this room to reach a small gap in a wall that leads to a Green Chest. Reflector Ray into the gap then Invert to reach the chest and the Lohengrin inside. Reach the bottom of the room and head to the left. Invert to reach a Materials Chest. Go back to the floor and head out the right exit.

Image showing the breakable wall in the Inferno Cave.

Inside this first vertical room make your way to the right side and there will be a breakable wall here. Break it to reveal a room featuring an Egg Souffle. Continue to the next room and make your way through it to reach another portion of the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

Now that we have the Invert ability, it is time to make our way back to the Towers of the Twin Dragons. Here we will be getting a certain armor set.

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