Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Secret Sorcery Lab Guide

Once you’ve gotten the ability to sink in water you can make your way to the Secret Sorcery Lab (not to be confused with the Underground Sorcery Lab). This area features new enemies, items, and a pathway to the Inferno Caves area. To help you get through this area here is our Secret Sorcery Lab guide.

Secret Sorcery Lab Map

Image showing the Secret Sorcery Lab map.

The Secret Sorcery Lab is a surprisingly small area. You need to make your way through this area to reach the Inferno Caves.

When you enter the first room of the Secret Sorcery Lab you will witness a brief exchange between Dominique and Alfred. After this exchange is over make your way to the left into the large square room. There are two Materials Chests you can grab here. In this room you can go a couple of directions:

  • Top Right Exit: Room with Materials Chest inside.
  • Top Left Exit: Fast Travel room.
  • Bottom Left Exit: Continue on main path.

Once you’ve checked these rooms out make your way to the bottom left exit. Take your first right exit in this room to reach a Save Room. Save then return to the previous room and head left to reach a boss fight

Secret Sorcery Lab Boss: Doppelganger

Image showing the Doppelganger boss fight.

When you enter the boss arena you Doppelganger will jump out of a large test tube. The fight will start. Have adequate healing items for this fight and it should go fine. Defeating the Doppelganger boss unlocks the Shadow Tracer ability and the Transcendence achievement/trophy. Leave the boss arena to the left (save first).

In the vertical room go through the top right exit first and use your Reflector Ray in the next room to get past the spikes. You will reach a Green Chest which contains the Spiked Breastplate. Return to the vertical room and go out the bottom right exit to continue forward.

Make your way through this large horizontal room until you reach the top right exit. Drop down onto the ledge with the cow on it. Head right of the cow and attack the wall to get the Cutpurse’s Ring. Head left of the cow to reach a Materials Chest. Return to the upper platform and go out the right exit.

Go down this vertical room and head through the first left exit you see to reach a room with a Materials Chest inside it. Grab the chest and then return to the vertical room. Go down the room to the bottom left exit to reach the Inferno Caves area.

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