Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Underground Sorcery Lab Guide

After making your way through the Bridge of Evil, you will arrive at the Underground Sorcery Lab. In the Underground Sorcery Lab there are new items, enemies, and a boss to fight. To help you clear this area, check out our Underground Sorcery Lab guide.

Underground Sorcery Lab Map

Image showing the Underground Sorcery Lab map.

The Underground Sorcery Area is a relatively small area to traverse that dead ends. Use the map above to get your orientation of the area.

Underground Sorcery Lab: Cutscene Room

In the first room make your way up the right side and down the left side to reach the exit. Along the way you will find a single Materials Chest. Grab it (it’s along your path) then exit into the next room.

Image showing Dominique in the Underground Sorcery Lab.

The next room will trigger a cutscene with Dominique. She will talk with you a bit about Zangetsu then will leave. Head past the containers with enemies inside and go into the next room.

This room contains a couple of exits. The one we want to reach first is the bottom left (grab the Materials Chest along the way). Here you will find a Save Room. Save your game then return to the room. Head up the ramp into the top left corner of the room to reach the boss arena.

Underground Sorcery Lab Boss: Bathin

Image showing Bathin.

Bathin is the next boss you will face off against in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. This boss is fast and shoots a number of different types of projectiles. A good approach to this fight is to stay close Bathin’s body as much as possible. This should allow you to avoid a lot of his projectiles. Once you’ve beaten Bathin you unlock the Reflector Ray ability and the Speed Demon achievement/trophy.

Optional: Backtrack with Reflector Ray

Image showing a backtrack area in Underground Sorcery Lab.

If you want to get an some item recipes, backtrack to the room right of the boss room (pictured above). Use your Reflector Ray ability then double jump out of it to reach the ledge on the right. Walk into the next room and take out the demon cat. Open the Green Chest to get the Damascus Equipment/R.

Underground Sorcery Lab: Post Bathin Rooms

Image showing a breakable floor spot in the Underground Sorcery Lab.

After the Bathin fight there are three rooms you can explore. The first room has three floors. On the bottom floor is a MAXHP UP chalice. There is also a breakable spot on the bottom left of the floor (see picture above) you can open to reach a secret room containing MAXMP UP and the Skull Necklace. On the second floor is a Mimic. And on the third floor is a Green Chest containing the Silver Power Ring (reach it using Reflector Ray). Once you’ve cleaned this room out, head into the top right exit to reach a Fast Travel room.

Now that we have the Reflector Ray ability we can either go to the Levre Ex Machina (to get a bad ending) or head to the the Dian Cecht Cathedral to work towards the good ending.

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