Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Dian Cecht Cathedral Guide Part 2

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After you defeat Bathin in the Underground Sorcery Lab you will unlock the Reflector Ray ability. This ability allows you to teleport to places you normally wouldn’t be able to reach. With this ability we can explore more of the Dian Cecht Cathedral. Use the Dian Cecht Cathedral guide part 2 below to do just that.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Stairway Room Revisited

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral: Stairway Room.

If you’ve been following our guide you will recall running through this stairway room as we made our way through the Dian Cecht Cathedral. This room features a large staircase and some ramps. With the Reflector Ray ability, we can now traverse up this room into the bell tower area of the cathedral. First let’s get a few items.

Image showing how to use the Reflector Ray.

Between the wood ramp and the stairs there are a number of mirrors. These mirrors can be used in tandem with the Reflector Ray ability to reach the items in the area beneath the stairs. Warp inside to get the Macuahuitl and an AMMO CAPACITY UP. Warp out and go to the upper left of the room.

Image showing how to use the Reflector Ray.

Along the wooden ramp here you will see two mirrors; one on the wall, and one on the ground. Angle you Reflector Ray so it bounces of the floor mirror onto the wall mirror and up to the platform above. Warp up.

In this upper area of the room you need to do some platforming. Reach the large bell and make your way to the top left and right corners of the room to get reach a Materials Chest and an AMMO CAPACITY UP (reach these spots with the Reflector Ray). When ready proceed to the next room on the right.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Bell Tower

Along this walkway your familiar will break a spot in the ceiling above that allows you to jump up top. Here you will find a MAXHP UP, MAXMP UP, and the Silver Knight familiar.

In this next room you can traverse the room using the platforms on the right side. As you go up the room you can grab the two Material Chests along the way. Halfway up there is a wood beam in the middle of the room. On it is a MAX HP UP, use your Reflector Ray to reach it. Once at the top you will notice two chests (can be reached later with Invert ability), ignore them for now. Make your way back to the middle of the room and head out the middle right exit.

Image of the dropped bell.

Walkthrough the corridor and enter the next large room (return to this room with the Invert ability to reach two chests on the roof) . In this room you can drop the left bell onto the rubble to open up that doorway (thanks for letting me know William!). This exit leads to a switch that opens a doorway back to the previous room. There is also a Green Chest here that contains Cake/R. Grab both and head back to the previous room. Walk to the right and look for this breakable piece of flooring, drop down the break into the room below. Grab the Hair Apparent X. Return to the previous room and head right. In this corridor there are a number of enemies. Kill them and grab the Materials Chest on top. Continue right into the next room.

Head right in this room (return to this room with the Invert ability to get the Carpenter’s Key) and go through the bottom right exit to reach a Save Room. Save your game then return to the previous room. The only way to go is through the upper right exit so go there now. Walk along the corridor to reach a boss fight.

Dian Cecht Cathedral Boss #2: Bloodless

Image showing the Bloodless boss.

Bloodless is the second boss you will fight in the Dian Cecht Cathedral. This boss is fairly difficult to fight and should be taken seriously. I highly recommend coming into this fight with as many potions and food items as you can get. In terms of tips, I found ducking and hitting seemed to work fairly well. When you beat Bloodless you unlock the Blood Steal shard and the Tourniquet achievement/trophy.

Once you beat Bloodless, make your way back to the Save Room and save. Head back and go right through the Boss Arena, grab the Umbrella from the Green Chest and you will reach a new area of Livre Ex Machina.

If you wish to unlock an early ending you can make your way through Livre Ex Machina and the Hall of Termination to reach Gabel. Defeating him unlocks a bad ending (sort of). To continue along the main story path, make your way to the Blood Fountain room in the Castle Entrance. Before you do stop by OD’s (vampire librarian) and grab a second book.

Castle Entrance: Blood Fountain Room

Image showing a drained blood fountain in the Castle Entrance.

With our new blood sucking ability we can drain the Fountain of Blood and access a new area. Go to the Castle Entrance and reach the Blood Fountain room. Equip the Blood Steal shard and activate it. Hold until you drain the pool. Press and drop down into the new area, Forbidden Underground Waterway.

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  1. Brad hall says:

    The first bell you come across has max go inside it. Double jump

  2. William Charlesworth says:

    If you knock down those bells by jumping on them a bit, it can clear the rubble which allows a shortcut back to the main cathedral

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