Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Castle Entrance Guide

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After making your way through Arvantville you will reach the Castle’s Entrance. This area is the bottom part of the castle and it features a number of new enemies to fight. To help you get through this new area, use our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Castle Entrance guide below.

Castle Entrance: Sabnock Room

Image showing the Castle Entrance: Sabnock Room.

Walk right through the first two rooms of the Castle Entrance (you can destroy the statues and candelabras for cash) and you will reach a large open room with a new enemy Sabnock (see enemy info here) in it. Take out the Sabnock then head up the left platforms. Grab the chest on the left side of the room that contains Cotton and Iron. Head right along the second floor and drop onto the chest ledge to get the Leather Chest Guard. Drop down to the floor below and head right, deeper into the castle.

Castle Entrance: Blood Fountain

Make your way through the enemy filled hallway and you will come to a large open room with a Blood Fountain in the centre of it. Before heading up the platforms, go right. Interact with the Bookshelf if you want some lore then continue right so you reach the next Save Room. Save your game then return to the Blood Fountain room. Jump up the platforms on the left side of the room and go up until you reach the screen above.

You can return to this room after getting the Blood Steal ability and drain the fountain of blood. This opens up an entry leading to the area below.

Optional: Room Above Blood Fountain

In the room above the Blood Fountain you will find Ammo Capacity Up and a chest with an Ether inside it. Grab both of these items then head right and interact with the Bookshelf to learn about the Trucidating Gyre attack. Drop back down into the Blood Fountain room.

Blood Fountain Room… Again

Image showing the chest that contains 500g in Castle Entrance.

Back in the Blood Fountain room make your way to the chest (has 500G in it) on the ledge in the upper right corner. This can be done by going up the ledges on the left side of the room then jumping across the chandeliers to reach it. Open the chest then head right into the next room to trigger a cutscene.

Image showing the staircases you need to ascend up.

In the hallway you will watch a brief cutscene featuring a new character. Once this cutscene is over make your way into the next room on your right. Inside this room there are a number of enemies and a broken staircase. Take out the enemies then head up the staircases to your right. You will notice some chests above you. These can be accessed after going through the Garden of Silence. Continue right down the hallways until you reach this new area.

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