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After you make your way through the Galleon Minerva, you will arrive in Arvantiville. This town is located along the shoreline and it has been ravaged by demons. To help you get everything in this area, use our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Arvantville guide below.

Important: Return to Arvantville often to check vendors, upgrade shards, sell items, get new quests, and so on. This is the hub area of the game.

Arvantville Map

Image showing the 100% Arvantville Map.

Arvantville is a hub area. Here you will find a couple merchants as well as some NPC quest givers. Check out the map above to get a general idea of the area layout.

Arvantville: Entrance

Image showing the location of the 500g chest in Arvantville.

From the Galleon Minerva make your way to the right. In the first are you will face off against a Morte, and some new enemies: Giant Rat (see enemy info here) and Bone Morte (see enemy info here). Take out these enemies and grab the chest to get 500G, continue right into the next area.

Arvantville: Hub

Image showing the Arvantville Hub.

On the next screen you will meet two new characters, Dominique and Anne. There will be a brief cutscene featuring these characters who will end up going to the Cathedral. The Cathedral is one room right of the area you watched the cutscene in. Make you way to the Cathedral and grab the chest there that has the Waystone. Once you reach the bottom of the building you can go either left or right. You will need to go both directions. So pick whichever you want first.

Right: Johannes Alchemy Shop + Save Room

Image showing Johannes Alchemy Shop.

To the right you will find the Johannes Alchemy Shop. This shop allows you to craft more useful items, prepare food, enhance shards, and dismantle items. Johannes will walk you through a quick tutorial about his services. Once he’s done, walk to the right to reach a Save Room. Save.

Left: Dominique Item Shop

Image showing Dominique Item Shop.

In the left room you will find Dominique’s item shop. This shop allows you to spend gold you find on items you may want to acquire. Dominique sells a wide range of items. You can also sell her things like shards to make some coin. Once you’ve spoken to Dominique she will give you the Village Key (you need this to advance). Before you leave, go to the far left and look at the picture. Dominique will tell you about photography. She requests Silver Bromide (be on the lookout for that item).

Speak to Other NPCs

Image showing other NPCs in Bloodstained.

When you leave the Dominique shop you will see a number of new NPCs appear in and around the hub area. These NPCs serve a number of purposes:

Once you’ve spoken to these NPCs make your way inside the hub again and go to the locked door in the top right corner. Open the door and head inside to enter the village area.

Arvantville: Village

Image showing the location of an Ammo Up.

Upon entering the village area of Arvantville you will see a number of enemies including the Bats (see enemy info here). Be cautious of these enemies and make your way up the first platforms you see. Head to the left on these platforms and you will see dual guns on a ledge. Jump to the ledge to get Ammo Capacity Up. Continue left to enter a fast travel room (though it is unusable for us right now). Head back out to the village.

Destroyed House

Image showing the location of Elf Ears.

Continue right through the village until you reach a destroyed house you need to make your way through. On the top floor there is a Green Chest just out of reach. Use the platforms on the outer left side of the house to reach the house’s roof. Stand on the far right side of the roof (above the Green Chest) to fall on the platform. Open the chest to get Elf Ears.

Optional: Underground Passage

Image showing a breakable wall in the Underground Passage.

Drop off the chest ledge into the centre of the house. You will fall through the floor opening up a new area underground. Walking to the right through this tunnel area will get you to the Castle Entrance (jump up at end of tunnel) and Forbidden Underground Waterway areas (continue heading right). You don’t need to go to these locations yet. For now hit the wall on the bottom left of the Underground Passage entrance. This will open up a secret room. Inside this room you will get an 8 bit coin.

Return to Destroyed House

After you’ve unlocked the Underground Passage make and collected the 8 bit coin, make your way back to the Destroyed House. Open the chest on the bottom floor to get HP Rounds 5x. Leave the Destroyed House by heading to the right. You will reach a house. Go inside it.

Inside House

Inside the house you will see a chest in the middle of the room. Open the chest to get the Baselard weapon. If you want you can sit at the table in this room. You can also read a book on the bookshelf to learn about throwing your weapon. Leave out the right door.

Outside Castle Entrance

Image showing the entrance to the castle.

This next area all you need to do is walk right until you reach a lever. Pull the lever to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and go inside to reach the Castle Entrance.

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