Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Garden of Silence Guide

Once you’ve made your way through the first section of the Castle Entrance, you will arrive at the Garden of Silence. This area is rather limited in terms of what we can do in it at this point in time. To help you make your way through this area, use our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Garden of Silence guide.

Garden of Silence: Chariot Room

Image showing the Garden of Silence: Chariot Room.

Make your way through the large, enemy filled hallway and you will reach a large room with a chariot inside it. In this room there are a number of directions you can head. For now let’s explore a bit. Use the picture above for orientation.

  • Right from the position pictured above you will run into a chariot. This chariot can’t be used yet (requires Craftwork shard – obtained from Dian Cecht Cathedral boss)
  • Head down and to the right and you will reach a Chest with the Obsidian Equipment /R item inside it.
  • Down left is a locked door we do not have a key for.
  • Head up to advance into the next area.

Once you’ve explored enough of the big room, go up into the top of the room. Here you can go left or up. Go into the left room first to reach a room with a chest that has the Morgenstern weapon inside. Double back and go up into the next room.

In the next room you can read the Bookshelf on the right for some lore. Once you’ve done this go left into the next room. Walkthrough the long red hallway and into the next room.

Image showing the Chalice location in Garden of Silence.

In this room you can go down or left. Go down first to grab the Chalice which raises Maximum HP. Jump back up and go to the left into the next room (dropping down instead means you have to go through the Garden all over again).

Make your way through the long hallway full of enemies to reach the Castle Entrance once again. That’s all for the Garden of Silence for now. Check out the next section of the guide with our Castle Entrance #2 guide.

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