Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Castle Entrance Guide Part 2

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After you’ve made your way through the Garden of Silence you will arrive at the upper portion of the Castle Entrance. This upper area features a number of enemies, items, and a mini boss fight. Use our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Castle Entrance Guide part 2 to get through this area.

Castle Entrance: Chest Drop Room

Image showing the drop down point for the chests in Castle Entrance.

The first room you will enter is above the Chests I mentioned in part 1 of the Castle Entrance guide. These chests can be grabbed by dropping down the left side of the hole in the floor. DO NOT DO THIS RIGHT AWAY. Instead make your way into the next room. You want to grab the nearby Save Room before attempting this drop as missing it will result in having to run through the Garden of Silence again. Once you have the nearby Save, do the drop. The two chests have the Blunderbuss and Elm items inside them. To the right of the Elm chest (right chest) there is a room with a chest in it, open the chest to get the Lethal Boots.

Castle Entrance: Long Staircase Room

Image showing the long staircase room.

In the room after the drop you can go a couple of ways. Go along the bottom floor to the left you will reach a Fast Travel Room. Go all the way up the stairs leads to the boss fight with in the next room. Head up the stairs part way and jump to the platform on the right to reach a chest with HP Rounds x3 in it and continue right to reach the Save Room.

Castle Entrance Mini Boss: Zangetsu

Before starting the fight with Zangetsu take some time to get prepared. Zangetsu is fast and has a long range katana that can easily carve you up if you are not ready for it. Some tips for the fight:

  • When Zangetsu drops, get on his back to deal decent damage.
  • Turn in your 8 bit coin (location in Arvantville guide) for a better weapon at Johannes Alchemy Shop.
  • Stock up on Potions.
  • Don’t attack Zangetsu when he guards.
  • Use Range shards.
  • Farm nearby enemies to level up if he proves too hard.
  • During phase 2 Zangetsu applies flame to his sword.

Check out Zangetsu’s character sheet here for more information on this mini boss. Beating Zangetsu unlocks the Samurai Showdown Achievement/Trophy. Upon defeat of Zangetsu I highly recommend doubling back to the Save Room in the previous room. This will ensure you do not have to fight him all over again should you die. When you are ready to do so head left into the room after the mini boss arena.

Castle Entrance: Chandelier Room

Image showing the Castle Entrance: Chandelier Room.

In the next room there are a number of directions you can go. These directions all lead to different items and rewards. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Top right is blocked until you get the Craftwork shard from Dian Cecht Cathedral boss.
  • Jump along the chandeliers to the left to reach a chest that contains a Waystone.
  • Bottom left leads to a room that features a Bookshelf you can read about the Eleventh Hour attack. Left of this Bookshelf is a destroyable wall that gives the Ulfberht Sword.
  • Bottom right leads to an Ammo Capacity Up and a room with NPC Benjamin in it. Benjamin is trying to get home. Give him the Waystone and you will receive 1000G.

Once you’ve done everything go back to the middle of the room (seen in the picture above) and jump to the chandelier. Jump from the chandelier to the middle ledge on the left to continue making your way through the castle. Head through the door into the next hallway. Continue left until you reach the Dian Cecht Cathedral.

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