Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Dian Cecht Cathedral Guide

Once you’ve made your way through the upper area of the Castle Entrance you will arrive at the Dian Cecht Cathedral. This area features a number of new enemies to fight and items to collect. To help you navigate your way, use our Dian Cecht Cathedral guide below.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Entrance Room

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral: Entrance Room.

The first room you will enter is a large multilevel room with a number of new enemies inside it. Before doing anything in this room, make your way left along the bottom floor until your reach the Save Room (just before the Save Room is a Bookshelf you can read). Save then return to the stairs shown in the picture above.

Go up these stairs and make your way to the third floor of the room. On the left side of this floor is a shard you can collect to unlock Shortcuts. This shard allows you to change loadouts on the fly. Destroy it to gain its ability. Continue up to the top floor.

Image showing MAXHP UP and Shortcut Shard.

On the top floor of this room you will face off against a Witch. This a tough enemy that can curse you. Defeat it then go into the room on your left. You will go through two hallways then come to a room with a gap in the floor. Don’t bother dropping down this gap as it takes you to the beginning of Castle Entrance. Instead jump across the gap and continue going left until you reach a dead end room with MAXHP UP and a Shortcut shard in it. Collect both then return back to the entrance room and go into the room on the top right.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Stairway Room

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral: Stairway Room.

There are a number of things in this room we can’t get yet. Instead go right through the hallway with the Killer Barber in it and you will arrive in the stairway room. In this room go up the staircase past the Killer Barber into the room on the right. You will return to this room later in the game when you have the Reflector Ray ability.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Tree Room

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral: Tree Room.

Go through the hallway with the big cat demon in it and you will reach the Tree Room. In the centre of this room there is a tree with platforms on it. You can go a number of directions from this room so I will highlight which direction goes where:

  • Top Left: Todd the not so Killer Barber. Todd is an NPC that is a Killer Barber. Speaking to him allows you to change your characters hair color, eye color, clothing color, skin color, and more. Live out your best weeb fantasy here.
  • Top Right: Fast Travel Room. Just before the entrance to this room there is a MAX AMMO UP. Fast travel back to the hub if you need to.
  • Bottom Right: Leads forward to the

In the middle area of the tree room there is a platform on the left with a Green Chest on it. Open the chest to get the Dance Mask. Once you’ve done everything here head through the bottom right exit.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Cathedral

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral: Cathedral.

Make your way through the hallway until you reach the Cathedral. In this room there are a number of enemies you will need to take out. Once you’ve taken them out open the Green Chest in the middle of the room to get the Hair Apparent I book (take book to Todd to unlock Braid style). After this you can go a few ways:

  • Bottom Right: Save Room. SAVE!
  • Top Right: Boss fight
  • Bottom Left: Leads back to Castle Entrance Chandelier room.

Once you’ve done everything, get prepared for a boss fight and head up through the top right exit. ARE YOU READY?

Dian Cecht Cathedral Boss: Craftwork

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral Boss: Craftwork.

Craftwork is the boss you will be facing in Dian Cecht Cathedral. This boss is a giant stain glass spider that can lift large statues and toss them at you. This boss is a bit of a pain to fight, but I found face tanking to work surprisingly well with my build. I also employed the Thrashing Tentacle shard to deal some serious damage. Come into the fight prepared and it should be easy enough. For killing Craftwork you unlock the Craftwork shard (allows you to lift statues) and the Show of Hands achievement.

Image showing two rooms in the Craftwork boss arena.

Before you leave Craftwork’s arena there are two rooms on the right you should access. The bottom right room features a MAXHP UP and a Unicorn Ring, while the top room has Familiar Shard: Silver Knight and Crusader armor in it. Move the statue around to access both of these rooms.

Once you’ve gathered all of these spoils make your way back to the Save Room and Save. From here we want to go through the bottom left room in the cathedral. Follow this path all the way to reach the blocked exit of the Chandelier room in the Castle Entrance. You can now clear the block using Craftwork.

Now that we’ve gotten Craftwork, make your way back to the Garden of Silence so we can rid the chariot. Let’s go babay!

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