Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Garden of Silence Guide Part 2

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After you beat Craftwork in the Dian Cecht Cathedral, you unlock the Craftwork shard. This shard allows you to move statues and other objects that may be blocking your path. One area that has such an object is the Garden of Silence. Make your way to this location. Use our Garden of Silence guide part 2 below to help you advance through this area.

Garden of Silence: Chariot Room Revisited

Make your way to the room that has the chariot inside of it. Now that we have the Craftwork shard we can move the statue blocking the chariot’s way. Before we do that though, there is another object we can move to reach a chest.

Image showing the Beast Beret location.

Head to the bottom right portion of the room and make your way under the bridge. Head all the way to the right until you reach an Iron Maiden blocking your path. Move the Iron Maiden using Craftwork until it is along the wall to the right. Jump onto the Iron Maiden then jump over the wall to reach the Green Chest. Open the chest to get the Beast Beret. Return to the Chariot.

Image showing the chariot.

To jump across the bridge you need to move the statue out of the way for the chariot. To do this use your Craftwork shard on the statue blocking the way and push it all the way off the bridge to the right. Return to the chariot driver, speak to him and then take a seat on the back. He will take you across.

Garden of Silence: Bridge Jump Room

Image showing the Garden of Silence: Bridge Jump Room.

After you’ve jumped across the bride you will arrive on another portion of the bridge. This portion of the bridge has a couple of items you can collect. Up top there is a chest with the Kung Fu Vest inside it. In the middle right of the room you should see a MAXHP UP Chalice. Down below there is a Bookshelf you can interact with to learn about the Hatchet Heel attack.

Once you’ve gathered all of these items you will notice there are two possible ways to go. Bottom right is a Fast Travel room and middle right exit leads deeper into the Garden of Silence. When ready proceed deeper.

Garden of Silence: Piano Room

Image showing the piano room.

The next room you will enter is a staircase room. Inside this room you can go out on a balcony on through the top exit, or reach ground level through the bottom exit. Both exits lead to the Piano Room. If you want to grab a MAXHP UP and Faerie Healing Item /R jump off the balcony onto the stone arches and use them to cross the room. On top of the Gondola with the piano is the MAXHP UP, continue right until you see a chest with the Faerie Healing Item /R inside. After this drop down and either go play the piano, or leave the room through the right exit.

Garden of Silence: Bridge Room

Pass through the next two rooms (grab the material and gold chests) and you will reach a large open room with a bridge full of enemies on it. To progress you want to go right (since that’s the only way to go), but before we do that, drop down to grab a few items.

  • Breakable Wall (Left): After dropping down go all the way to the left until you reach wall. Jump up and attack the wall to reveal a breakable wall. Go inside to get MAXMP UP and 500g.
  • Items (Right): Head to the right to find a chest with materials and a Max Ammo UP.

Once you’ve grabbed these items, get back on the bridge and head to the right into the next room. Grab the Potion from the chest and continue until you reach a staircase room.

Garden of Silence: Staircase Room

Image showing the Garden of Silence Staircase Room.

This is the last room of the Garden of Silence before entering two possible new locations. Before we go anywhere, head to the room at the bottom left to open a Save Room. I recommend saving at this time. Once you’ve done this the choices are, top right Towers of Twin Dragons and bottom right Bridge of Evil (inaccessible).

Backtrack with Double Jump

Once you’ve acquired Double Jump from the Livre Ex Machina boss, you can backtrack to the chariot room to grab a MAXMP UP located just above where the chariot parks. Use double jump to reach this ledge.

You can also make a jump in the bridge room (with all the enemies on it). Jump to the ledge above the left door. Make your way up to the chest here to get the Moon Belt.

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