Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Bridge of Evil Guide

Once you’ve collected the Silver Bromide and turned it into a Passplate, you will gain access to the train on the Bridge of Evil. To help you through this section use our Bridge of Evil guide below.

Bridge of Evil: Station 1

Image showing how to get on the train.

The Bridge of Evil is two long corridors filled with enemies. Take out these enemies and make your way to the demon gates. With the Passplate in hand you will be able to access this normally locked area. Make your way forward to run into Zangetsu. This will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will be on the train.

Bridge of Evil: Train

Image showing the Train.

On the train you will notice something immediately. There is a timer running. This timer has 5 minutes on it. This timer includes fighting the boss at the end of the train, so you are gonna want to get a move on. The only direction you can go is right, so head that way.

Image showing the Honebami location.

On the train there are a number of items for you to collect these items are fairly easy to find if you search all map squares as you progress. The major item I will point out to you is the Honebami which can be found in the top right corner of the largest car on the train (right before the boss fight).

Bridge of Evil Boss: Glutinous Train

Image showing the Glutinous Train.

This boss fight is surprisingly easy thanks to Zangetsu. All you need to do is hide behind Zangetsu when the train fires missiles then run in and deal some damage. Rinse and repeat this action and the train will fall in no time. Upon defeat of the train you will unlock the Hammer Knuckle ability and the Loco Motive achievement/trophy. Once the boss fight is over you will arrive at a new station.

Bridge of Evil: Station 2

After you’ve defeated the Glutinous Train you will pull up to a new station. Zangetsu will leave you to explore this new area. Head right from the platform and continue heading right to reach a Save Room. SAVE. Once saved head to the room to the left and drop down.

Image showing a breakable wall in the Bridge of Evil.

In this room the only direction you can head is down. Make your way down this room until about halfway. On the right side of the room there is a wall you can break to get a MAXHP UP. Grab this item then continue down and leave the room. You will arrive in a new area called the Underground Sorcery Lab.

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