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Once you’ve made your way through the second portion of the Garden of Silence, you will arrive a staircase with two choices. One of the locations is inaccessible so make your way to the Towers of Twin Dragons. To help you get through this area use our Towers of Twin Dragons guide below.

Towers of Twin Dragons: Tower Exterior

Image showing the Tower of Twin Dragons Tower Exterior.

When you enter the Tower of Twin Dragons you will be on the exterior of the tower. This area is quite large and will take you a bit of time to maneuver through. There are a number of items for you to collect out here, so I will highlight their locations below.

Head up the tower until you reach your first golden platform. Instead of going up onto the golden platform, drop down the rock below. Here you will find a chest containing Mithridate. If you continue right you will reach a room that has an elevator shaft in it (currently inoperable). Return to the golden platform.

Image showing the ledge for the chest on the tower exterior.

Go up the golden platform and continue making your way up the exterior of the tower. As you go up the tower you will reach a stack of golden platforms leading down, ignore them for now. Jump to the stone to the right then drop down the gap here. Head to the right to reach a chest containing Hemp. Jump onto the gear and ride it up to reach the ledge with the Max MP UP on it. Head back to where you dropped down and drop down to the area below.

Walk to the left in this lower area until you reach a chest. Interact with the chest to get the Hair Apparent VI (turn into Todd to unlock the Bob style). Use the stacked golden platforms to return to the main path along the exterior. Continue heading to the right.

Before you enter the building ride the cog up to the chest on the ledge above the exit. Open the chest to get the Sunglasses. Jump down and enter the tower’s interior.

Tower of Twin Dragons: Tower Interior

In the interior there are a few rooms we want to explore. The first room simply go to the right, jump up the two golden platforms and then open the chest. Walk left until your reach a large cog. Move the cog using your magical arm ability so you can jump onto it and then jump up to the platform above. Head into the next room.

In the next room you can go either left, right, or up. Going up requires double jump from the boss in Livre Ex Machina. Go right for now and walk until you reach the elevator shaft. Along the way there are two chests containing the Hyperventilator and the Partisan weapon. Return to the room you came from and head to the room on the left.

Inside this room you will watch a brief cutscene. After the cutscene is over make your way to the left. You will reach a room with stairs leading down. Grab the nearby chest then go into the room in the bottom right. This is a Save Room. Save. Leave the save room and head out the bottom left exit to reach a new area called Livre Ex Machina.

Backtrack with Double Jump

Along the exterior you may have seen this ledge in the upper left corner of the picture above. You can double jump to this ledge after you’ve acquired the double jump skill. Walk along the ledge to reach a MAXHP UP. This is the one you would’ve seen by the tower interior entrance.

Near where you grabbed the chalice you will see a number of gears. Drop down on top of them using the golden platform and cross them to the left. You will see a chest on a platform. Jump to the platform and open the chest to get the Flying Edge sword.

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