Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Livre Ex Machina Guide

After making your way part of the way up the Towers of the Twin Dragons you will arrive in a new area called the Livre Ex Machina. This area features a few puzzles to complete, as well as new enemies to fight. To help you make your way through this area, use our Livre Ex Machina guide.

Make your way through the first room of Livre Ex Machina to reach the library. In this room you will see a number of caged creatures along the wall. Disregard them for now and head to the room on the left. Go down to the bottom and move the bookshelf so you can slide to the chest. Grab the chest here then return to the library.

Livre Ex Machina: Library

Image showing the Livre Ex Machina: Library.

To traverse the library you want to pull out the different shelves using your magical hand to make platforms that will allow you to go up higher. Using this method you will eventually will reach the top of the room. Grab the chest here to get then make your way to the exit in the top left corner of the room.

Image showing the bookshelf jump room.

Jump across the gap in the next room and continue onward. You will arrive in a large library in which you will see a bookshelf you need to move in order to go up. Instead of doing this, make your way to the left and interact with the bookshelf here. This bookshelf will turn to reveal a secret room containing the Crow Mask. Return to the previous room and use the bookshelf to reach the exit top right.

Image showing the shortcut solution in Livre Ex Machina.

Make your way right through the long corridor full of Poltergeists and make your way up. In this next room you will have the option of going left or right. Go right first into the next room. Inside this room is a minor puzzle you need to complete. Push the bookshelf off the right ledge onto the switch to lower a staircase. This is creates a shortcut back to the start of the area (and the Save Room in the Towers of Twin Dragons). Return to previous room when ready.

Image showing Miriam riding a bookshelf over some spikes.

In this room push the first magical bookshelf out along your path then jump over it to reach the ledge with the second bookshelf on it. Push this bookshelf along while standing on it to avoid the spikes below. Head left into the next room and grab the Waystone from the chest here. Continue left into the next room.

In this room you have a number of directions you can head a couple of them are off limits for now, but I will highlight which direction goes where below.

  • Bottom Left Exit: Leads to boss fight and SAVE ROOM.
  • Upper Left Exit: Leads to OD, a vampire librarian NPC. He will lend you a book that buffs different stats. I highly recommend doing this.
  • Top Exit: Leads to a room that you can’t do anything in right now. Go through this room to reach a Fast Travel portrait.
  • Top Right Exit: Nothing we can do here yet.

When ready go through the bottom left exit, save, then proceed into the boss room.

Livre Ex Machina Boss: Andrealphus

Image showing the Livre Ex Machina Boss: Andrealphus.

Andrealphus is the boss you will face off against at the end of Livre Ex Machina. This boss is fairly mobile and likes to dodge attacks. Come into this fight with a lot of healing items on your person as Andrealphus feels tanky. Once you’ve beaten Andrealphus you unlock Double Jump and the Wing Clipper achievement/trophy. Before you leave the boss arena jump up (using your double jump) to the chest above you to get the Feather Crown item.

Since we now have double jump there are a number of places we can explore. If you want to back track to areas like the Galleon, Castle Entrance, and Garden of Silence, you will find a few spots you can now reach. If you don’t want to do that, head back to the Towers of Twin Dragons.

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