Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Towers of Twin Dragons Guide Part 2

Once you’ve acquired the double jump ability from Andrealphus in the Livre Ex Machina area, you will be able to explore more of the tower. To help you complete the second part of the tower, check out our Towers of Twin Dragons guide part 2.

Getting There

Image showing where to go in the Towers of Twin Dragons after getting double jump.

Before heading to the Livre Ex Machina area you arrived at the upper portion of the Towers of Twin Dragons. Here you faced off against a number of Poltergeists. To your left was the path to the Livre Ex Machina and to your right was an elevator shaft. In this room there are two golden platforms just out of reach of your single jump. Double jump on the other hand can reach. Go there now and jump up.

Towers of Twin Dragons: Interior 1

image showing riding the cog.

Inside the room you enter after the jump up there are a number of cogs. There is only one way to go, so head left, ride use the cogs to reach the bigger cog, then crouch down between the wedges on the cog to avoid the spikes on the roof. Walk off the cog and out the door on to the tower exterior.

Towers of Twin Dragons: Exterior

Image showing the second time we go exterior on the tower.

On the tower exterior you basically have one direction you can go, right. While going right I will try to point out areas to veer off from in order to grab items. If you don’t want any of these items just make your way to the top.

First up you will see a chest as soon as you enter. This one can be grabbed fairly easily and it contains materials. Just drop down to the floor and watch out for the frog here. It can poison you (use Mithridate to cure).

Image showing cog riding.

Continue on the main path until you reach a number of cogs. Drop down here and take out the werewolf. Jump onto the cog that’s lying flat and use that to reach the cog above. Jump over to that cog then jump to the pathway (ignore the two chests you see below for now).

Head along the path until you reach two gold platforms leading down. Take the upper path by jumping onto the gear to reach a Materials Chest. Return to the two gold platforms and drop down to that path below to continue onward. Watch out for the toads here.

Image showing a platform junction.

Continue along the path until your reach the junction pictured above. Go double jump to the gold platforms on the left to reach a chest with the Sweets/R inside it. From this chest jump up onto the gear you slide under to reach the chest. Jump to the stone platform on the left to snag a MAXMP UP. Jump from this ledge to the small fast moving cog to the right. Cross all these cogs to reach a bunch of gold platforms heading right. Make your way across these platforms until you reach a chest with Carnot’s Rebuke inside it.

Return to the junction and head right. Drop down onto the lower gears and make your way to the ledge on the right. Go along the ledge past the werewolf to reach a MAXHP UP. Return to the cogs and jump onto the upper ones. Cross them to the left to use them to reach the higher platform. Walk right along the path to reach the interior again.

Towers of Twin Dragons: Interior 2

Image showing the second interior area of the tower.

The first room you enter in the second interior portion is similar to the first interior room you entered at the base of the Towers. This time, however, you will need to make your way across some gears on the floor above. Be sure to grab the Materials Chest in this room. There is also a breakable wall on the ledge to the left side of the room. Break it to get MAXMP UP. Go onto the next room above.

In this room you will see two Poltergeists and a new enemy type. You only have two directions you can go, left or right. Go left to reach a Fast Travel room. Head right to reach the elevator room (grab the Green Chest in the room along the way).

In the elevator room pull the lever to activate the elevator. Ride the elevator down two floors and run to the Save Room (by the start of the Livre Ex Machina area). SAVE. When ready ride the elevator up and we can continue exploring.

Image showing where to drop down.

At the top of the elevator go to the right. Head into the room with the three poltergeists and make your way through it until you reach a point where you can go into a room on the right or a room down. Go into the room on the right first to reach a Materials Chest. Head back to the poltergeist room and go down.

Image showing a breakable wall in the tower.

This next requires platforming across gears from the top right all the way to the bottom left of the room. Before you do this though, I have another breakable wall for you. On the platform you drop down onto head to the right. Hit the wall to get the Invisible Blade. Make your way through the room (grab the Potion out of the chest) and exit through the bottom.

In this lower room head to the left to access the elevator, head to the right to access a Save Room, and drop down to continue working your way through tower. You can also read the bookshelf here to learn about the Helmsplitter attack.

Image showing a breakable wall in the tower.

This next room leads to the boss fight of this area. Before going to the fight I have yet another breakable wall for you. When you drop down turn right and attack the wall. You will be rewarded with the Riding Habit for your troubles. Make your way forward, grab the potion from the chest, and hit up the boss.

Towers of Twin Dragons Boss: Valac

Image showing the Towers of Twin Dragons Boss: Valac.

Valac is a twin headed dragon you will fight on the exterior of the tower. This boss fight is easily the hardest fight you will face so far in Bloodstained. Before the fight I highly recommend getting max potion and the best weapons you can afford. Also keep in mind that you will need to dodge more than other bosses during this fight. When you do beat Valac you unlock the Inferno Breath ability and the Snake Charmer trophy/achievement. You also need to open the chest at the bottom of the tower to get the Silver Bromide. This item is very important.

Getting Your Passplate

Image showing getting the Passplate.

Once you have the Silver Bromide you will need to do a few things so we can access the train on the Bridge of Evil. The first thing to do is take the Silver Bromide to Dominique. She will take your picture with it resulting in you getting Identification. Once you have Identification make your way to OD. Speak to him and he will give you his pass, this results in the item Passplate which allows you to enter the Bridge of Evil.

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