Bloodstained Ritual of the Night x Journey Crossover Guide

A Bloodstained Ritual of the Night x Journey screenshot.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night has added yet another crossover to the game. This new crossover is with Journey. To play this new location and boss fight, players must explore an area called The Tunnels. To help you find The Tunnels area and complete the event see our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night x Journey crossover guide below.

Where to Find The Tunnels to Start the Crossover Event

Important: Before you can visit The Tunnels you need to have unlocked the Den of Behemoths (occurs after freeing Gebel). Also ensure have v1.4 of the game installed.

Ensure that you’ve completed the important steps mentioned above. Once you’ve done this you will see a marker on a room appear in the Hidden Desert. Go to this room and walk along the path until you find a stone. Interact with the stone to teleport to The Tunnels location.

Crossover Event Reward

The Tunnels is a fairly high level area featuring a number of different enemies and items for players to find. At the end of this area there is a boss fight to complete against the level’s guardian. Defeat this boss to earn a new item called the Mystical Scarf. This item is equip-able and is a reference to the main character of Journey, The Traveler, who wears a similar looking scarf.

For a full run through of The Tunnels area check out the video from HTR’s YouTube channel. It shows getting to the area, reaching the boss, and defeating the boss to get the Mystical Scarf.

This is not the first crossover event that has occurred in the game. Learn how to play as the Child of Light or how to complete the Kingdom crossover with our guides.

Did you complete the Bloodstained Ritual of the Night x Journey Crossover? Tell me in the comments below.



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