How to Play as Aurora in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

The final major character for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night has been released. The character is Aurora from Ubisoft’s Child of Light. This character can be used to play through the game if you feel like it. To learn more see how to play as Aurora in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night below.

What to do to Play as Aurora

To play as Aurora is fairly simple. Ensure you’ve downloaded update 1.30 for the game. Once you’ve done this you then simply login to the game. When you reach the start screen you will see a pop up that says “you can now play as Aurora.” Dismiss the pop up then choose Game Start. Pick a new save data slot. Scroll right when you need to select your name and choose Aurora from the Character list. Pick your difficulty then launch the game. You will then begin a new playthrough as Aurora.

Aurora plays a bit differently than other characters in the game. This character starts with the Sword of Matildis, a companion called Igniculus, and the directional Light Ray skill. Additionally Johannes is in the game to help her increase her power by transmuting items found in chests.

Besides the starting items Aurora also features an interesting mechanic as she plays through the game. Aurora ages when she defeats certain bosses. As she ages she grows stronger and gains additional abilities. To read more about the character see the official blog post.

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