Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Forbidden Underground Waterway Guide

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Once you’ve drained the Blood Fountain you will enter the Forbidden Underground Waterway. This area is crawling with monsters and sucks in general (yeah it’s a water level). To help you navigate this place, use our Forbidden Underground Waterway guide below.

Forbidden Underground Waterway: Crossroads 1

Make your way through the three rooms until you reach a room with a large demon and multiple directions you can go. Drop down to the middle left exit to reach a Save Room. Save your game then return to the previous room. From here we need to get acquire an Aqua Stream shard that allows us to swim.

Forbidden Underground Waterway: Aqua Stream Shard

Image showing Forbidden Underground Waterway: Aqua Stream Shard.

The shard we need to collect is obtained by farming the Deeseama enemy. This enemy can be found at the following location:

  • Take Bottom Left exit from crossroads.
  • Take Bottom Right exit of at bottom of long room. Stop in on the room on the left if you want a Materials Chest.
  • Right through room.
  • Take Bottom Right exit of long room. Stop in at room top right if you want another Materials Chest.

Follow these directions and you will arrive at this room (see map here). In this room is a Deeseama. Farm this demon until you receive the Aqua Stream shard. This will allow us to swim while activated (shoot bubbles out of your hands to change direction)! If you continue heading right you will eventually reach a Fast Travel room. When ready Return to the crossroads.

At the crossroads take the bottom right exit. In this room walk or ride the lift through the room. Jump off when you see two chests appear on your minimap. Walk into the alcove (lower left area) to reach a Materials Chest and a Green Chest with the Rose Ring inside it. Head right and walk out of the room.

In this next room you can head out of the top right or bottom left exits. Go bottom left first to reach a room with a Materials Chest in it. Double back and head through the top right exit to venture deeper.

Head right through the small room into the next room. In this room drop down to the Materials Chest to collect it. Return to the path above and head out the right exit.

Forbidden Underground Waterway: Crossroads 2

After those two rooms you will arrive at another crossroads. In this room you can go up, right, or bottom left. Go bottom left first to reach a Save Room. After saving return to the room. You know have an important choice to make:

  1. Go out the top exit and explore more of the area (I will cover that more thorough in Part 2).
  2. Go right, drop off the plank bridge and complete an underwater sequence that gets you to a new area.

I recommend holding off on exploring as you will get a shard that will help you be more thorough. Note above the right exit there is a rock ledge. Jump up to it to and break the wall to get a MAXMP UP.

Forbidden Underground Waterway: Reaching Hidden Desert

To reach the Hidden Desert area, make your way through the right exit of Crossroads 2. As you enter this room you will see an old plank bridge. Drop into the water below and swim towards the bottom right of the screen. Exit the room.

Continue making your way through the multiple underwater rooms until you reach the entrance to the Hidden Desert area.

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