Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Livre Ex Machina Guide Part 2

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Once you’ve gotten the Zangetsu sword from the Oriental Science Lab, make your way to the Fast Travel room above OD’s library in the Livre Ex Machina. This upper portion of the area is now explorable. Use the Livre Ex Machina guide part 2 below to get through this area.

Important: Wear the Aegis Plate through this area to avoid frustration. There are a ton of spikes around.

Livre Ex Machina Map

Image showing a Livre Ex Machina map.

We will be exploring the upper portion of the Livre Ex Machina area. This area features a number of spikes and enemies to deal with. See map above for orientation.

Livre Ex Machina: Reaching Upper Area

Image showing the Reflector Ray room in Livre Ex Machina.

From the Fast Travel room make your way to the room to the right. In this room use your Reflector Ray to reach the right exit. Head up in the next room. In the next room with the archer demon you can go left or up. Go left for now. Make your way through the spiked horizontal room and go down to the bottom of the vertical room to reach a MAXHP UP (use Reflector Ray to reach). Return to archer room.

Livre Ex Machina: Moving Bookshelf Room

Image showing the moving Bookshelf room in Livre Ex Machina.

From the archer room go up. You will enter a large room with bookshelves moving through it. Inside this room you can go left, up left, or up right. For now go left. In this left room you will find a dragon. Kill the dragon and run past it to reach a green chest with Gold Equipment/R inside. Return to bookshelf room.

Ride a bookshelf up to the top of the room (grab the Materials Chest on left side of room). Head to the right top exit. In this long horizontal room break the wall on the left side to get MAX AMMO UP. Head right.

Image showing picking up bookshelf in Livre Ex Machina.

In this next room drop down. Grab the bookshelf on the bottom of the room using the Craftwork ability and take it up to the switch along the left side of the room. This opens to door on the right. Go inside to get the Familiar: Silver Knight. Return to the previous room and go in the right exit. In this room you can grab the Thunder Circlet from the green chest. Return to previous room and head up and right.

Image showing breakable ceiling in Livre Ex Machina.

Head through the next two rooms and you will reach a room with a mimic. Take out the mimic then head left. In this large room you need to traverse the bookshelves to make your way through it. If this proves difficult, simply Invert the room to make life easier. There are a couple of ways for you to go here.

  • The top right exit leads to a Materials Chest
  • On the ceiling there’s a breakable square the leads to the Diabolist’s Cap (pictured above).
  • The top left exit leads to the boss and Save Room.
  • The bottom left exit leads back to the moving bookshelf room.

We will go out this room via the bottom left. Skip ahead if you just want to do the boss now.

Livre Ex Machina: Exploring

Image showing moving bookshelf in Livre Ex Machina.

Head left through the next room and you will reach a room with another grabbable bookshelf. Grab the bookshelf and take it to the other side of the room. Drop it on the switch here to open up an exit in the ceiling. Go inside this exit to reach another Familiar: Silver Knight. Return to previous room, drop down, kill the dragon, and then loot the green chest to get Drink/R. Leave room through bottom right exit.

Head right in this next room to reach a Materials Chest. Make your way through the lower left exit and travel through these next couple of rooms to reach the area you entered after the Bloodless fight. We’ve pretty much cleaned up this area so boss time. To get there return to the breakable ceiling room and head through the top left exit.

In the staircase room you will find a locked door (requires Celeste Key to open), a Save Room, and the entrance to the boss arena. Save then head to the boss room.

Livre Ex Machina Boss: Abyssal Guardian

Image showing the Abyssal Guardian boss.

The Abyssal Guardian is a large dragon you will need to take out to advance the story. This boss is has a fair bit of health and hits hard. Be sure to enter this fight stocked up on supplies. Killing the Abyssal Guardian nets you the Void Ray shard and the Dragonslayer achievement/trophy.

After you’ve defeated the Abyssal Guardian return to the Save Room and save. Return to the boss arena and head to through the left exit. Continue heading to the left until you reach the new area called Hall of Termination.

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