Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Hall of Termination Guide

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Defeating the Abyssal Guardian allows you to reach the Hall of Termination area. This area is the highest point of the castle. To help you get through this area here’s our Hall of Termination guide.

Hall of Termination Map

Image showing the Hall of Termination map.

The Hall of Termination is one of the final areas you will explore in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. In this area you will find a number of new items. Use the map above to get your bearings.

Hall of Termination: Entrance Room

Image showing the entrance room in Hall of Termination.

In the first room of the Hall of Termination make your way up the stairs above where you entered to reach a breakable wall. Break it to get MAXMP UP. From here take the bottom left exit. Head down through the vertical room and into the next room.

Go right along the top of this room to reach a green chest containing Ultimate Healing Item/R. Drop down from the chest ledge and go to the bottom left of this room to reach a Materials Chest. Head through the bottom exit into the next room. Go into the left exit to reach a Save Room. Save. Drop down and grab the Materials Chest by the axe thrower. Head out the room through the left exit.

Go left through the next two rooms until you reach a room with a Materials Chest in it. Grab the chest then exit through the top left exit. In the next room with the lone faerie, drop down and head to the right to reach a breakable wall with MAX AMMO UP. Go out the left exit into the next room.

Hall of Termination: Rectangular Room

Image showing the large rectangular room.

Inside this room with the two fairies you can head out the top left exit to reach a portion of the Dian Cecht Cathedral. Go there if you wish. Otherwise head out the top right exit. Make your way through the long horizontal room to reach a large rectangular room.

In this rectangular room you can go multiple directions. First grab the Materials Chest in the lower left corner of the room. Then head out the top right exit to reach a green chest with Fine Equipment/R inside it. Return to the previous room and go left. Inside this room grab the Materials Chest at the bottom then Invert to reach a green chest with the Blutgang inside it. Go back to the big room and go up.

The next room features a breakable wall along the bottom left of the room. Break the wall and go inside to find the Gauge Glasses. Return to the previous room. Head to the right if you wish (takes you back to first room of area). To advance go up to the exit opposite the Millionaire’s Room (unlocks with Millionaire Key).

Hall of Termination: Stairway Before Boss Fight

Image showing the stairway room before the Gebel fight.

When you enter this stairway room you will notice three exits on the left side of the room and one exit on the right. These exits lead to the following:

  • Bottom Left: Save Room.
  • Middle Left: Fast Travel Room.
  • Top Left: Room featuring green chest containing Hair Apparent XI.
  • Right: Boss fight.

Before heading off to the boss fight, I want to point out breakable ceiling in the stairway room. Breaking this opens up a room featuring three chests (chests contain Celeste Key, Gram, and Gold), a MAXMP UP, and a MAXHP UP). After you’ve collected these items head to the left wall of this room.

Image showing the breakable wall leading to the 8-bit level room.

On this left wall there is a wall you can break. Breaking this wall leads to another room. This room features an interactable bookshelf. Interacting with the bookshelf takes you to the 8-bit level. Complete this level to earn an 8-bit Nightmare. After you’ve done this level, return to the stairway room and head right towards the boss fight.

Image showing breakable stairs leading to Gebel.

Before you reach the boss arena there is one final large room we can explore. This room features a long staircase leading up to the right. In this room there are a couple of items we can collect. Invert the room to reach a green chest on ceiling that contains Legendary Equipment/R. Drop down to the staircase and break the area pictured above. This allows you to reach the Max Ammo UP below. Once you’ve collected both these items, head to the right to reach the boss arena.

Hall of Termination Boss: Gebel

When you enter the boss arena you will witness a brief cutscene featuring Gebel and Miriam. At the end of this cutscene you will have to fight Gebel. Keep in mind during this fight you can get two possible endings:

Usurper Ending

Image showing the Usurper ending.

To get this ending simply kill Gebel. This ending results in short bit of text then a Game Over screen. After the game ends you will start back at your last save.

Dethroned Ending (Good Ending)

Image showing how to get the Dethroned ending.

The good ending requires a bit more leg work for you to complete. Fight Gebel up until the moon changes to red. Jump up and hit the Red Moon with Zangetsu’s sword. This will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Gremory will run away and Gebel will die. You will take control of Miriam. Leave the boss arena. Head to the Garden of Silence.

Garden of Silence: Portal

Image showing the map location of the portal to the Den of Behemoths.

Head to the first portion of the Garden of Silence and make your way to the spot marked on the map above. At this spot you will see a red moon. Jump up and hit the red moon to have Gremory appear. Gremory will jump through a portal. Follow Gremory through the portal to reach the Den of Behemoths.

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