Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Den of Behemoths Guide

After you warp through the portal in the Garden of Silence you will arrive in a new area called the Den of Behemoths. This area is basically Super Mario 3‘s Giant Land. Everything here is huge! To help you get through this giant world, use our Den of Behemoths guide below.

Important: There is no Fast Travel room in the Den of Behemoths. Be stocked up before entering to save yourself making long treks back to the hub.

Den of Behemoths Map

Image showing the Den of Behemoths Map.

The Den of Behemoths is a large and frustrating area that has one save room. Use the map above to navigate this area more efficiently.

Den of Behemoths: Portal Room

The first room you arrive in has two directions you can go, right or left. Go right for now into the next room. Head through this room to the right to reach another room with a Materials Chest inside. Return to the portal room and head left.

In the room to the left you will trigger a cutscene featuring Alfred, Johannes, and Zangetsu. After the cutscene is over head into the next room on the left. You can drop down through the floor here into the lower room, but first head into the room on your left to reach a Materials Chest. Head back to the previous room and drop through the floor.

When you drop into this room you will notice the room is huge (I call it the Bridge Room). Before exploring this room make your way to the room to the left. Make your way through the first staircase room and head into the next room on the left. Inside this staircase room there are three Materials Chests you can access using Invert as you traverse the room. Once you have all three head into the room on the right.

Den of Behemoths: Harrier Race

Image showing where to get the Accelerator shard.

In this room you will encounter a ninja. This ninja will race you through the room. To beat him use a combination of Reflector Ray, Double Jump, and Aegis Plate to make the race trivial. Once you’ve beaten the race you will receive the Accelerator shard and demon entry #97. Return to Bridge Room.

Den of Behemoths: Bridge Room

Image showing the large bridge room in Den of Behemoths.

You can break the bridge room down into three floors: the ceiling, the bridge, and below the bridge. Here’s what you will find on each floor;

  • Ceiling: Invert to the ceiling near the entrance to find a green chest with the Millionaire Key inside. Make your way to the far right side of the ceiling to find a Materials Chest and MAXHP UP.
  • Bridge: Nothing on the bridge worth noting. You need to invert halfway to reach the right side of the room as the bridge is broken.
  • Underneath Bridge: If you drop below the bridge you will find a MAXMP UP, and a Gold Chest (accessible via right side of room.

After you’ve cleaned out the room, head out the right exit into the next room.

Make your way through the two stairway rooms (both have one Materials Chest). You will reach another stairway room. In this room you can go up left, bottom right, or middle left. Go bottom right to reach a Save Room. Save. Head into the top left room to reach a Materials Chest. Return to the stairway room and head left into the boss room.

Image showing a gold chest in the Den of Behemoth boss room.

Inside the boss room and drop down to the floor. Jump up onto the chips along the floor and head left to reach a Gold Chest. Jump to the left of the Gold Chest to reach a secret chest that contains the Valkyria Tiara. Once you’ve cleared the floor, enter the boss arena.

Den of Behemoths Boss: Valefar

Image showing the Den of Behemoths Boss: Valefar.

Important: Valefar features a mechanic which steals gold from you for his life in the second phase. The strength of this this ability is impacted by how much gold you have on you. Enter this fight with as little gold as possible. Thanks to user MikuruX for reminding me of this.

The boss you will fight in the Den of Behemoths is called Valefar. Valefar fights you in a rather small area. For defeating Valefar you unlock the Gold Bullet shard and unlock the All Bets are Off achievement/trophy. Save your game after taking down the gambling maniac then exit left out of the boss room.

Den of Behemoths: Bridge Room 2

Image showing the Den of Behemoths: Bridge Room 2

This next room is similar to the previous bridge room we explored earlier. This room can be broken down similar to how we broke down the last bridge room.

  • Ceiling: Invert to the ceiling above the right exit to find a MAXHP UP. Use the ceiling to reach the left and right corners of the room to find two Materials Chests.
  • Bridge: Nothing of note here. You can cross the entire room with the bridge.
  • Underneath Bridge: Underneath the bridge there is a well you can drop down that leads to the Glacial Tomb. To the right of this well is a breakable wall that give MAXMP UP.

Before dropping down the well, make your way out the left exit of the bridge room 2. This leads to a stairway room. Go through the top left exit in the stairway room to reach a room that has the Cashmere Equipment/R inside it. Return to the stairway go to the bottom of it to find a Materials Chest. Head back to the well and go down it.

Go through the room at the bottom of the well and head right to reach the Glacial Tomb. This is the final area!

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    Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. <_<

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