Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Glacial Tomb Guide

After making your way down the well in the Den of Behemoths, you will arrive in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night‘s final area, the Glacial Tomb. This area is fairly straightforward to explore, but I will highlight certain things in the Glacial Tomb guide below.

Glacial Tomb Map

Image showing the Glacial Tomb map

As mentioned above the Glacial Tomb area is rather straightforward to explore. With that said if you need a map for reference, check out the picture above.

Glacial Tomb: Reaching Fast Travel Room

Image showing the path to the Glacial Tomb Fast Travel Room.

Make your way through the first small room into the large rectangular room. In this room grab the two Materials Chests on both sides of the room then head to the right exit. Go down this long vertical room and enter the right exit to reach the Fast Travel room. Head back to the vertical room and go down. In this room you will find a chest featuring Crystal Armor and a MAXMP UP. Return to the vertical room and go through the left exit.

Head through the next small (not boss room /s) then make your way down the long vertical room to reach a Materials Chest in the room below. Return to the vertical room and go out the left exit. In this next room there are three exits on the left and one on the bottom right.

  • Top Left Exit: Room with Warhorse’s Key inside.
  • Middle Left Exit: Room with Materials Chest.
  • Bottom Left Exit: Leads further into Glacial Tomb. Requires Dimension Shift ability.
  • Bottom Right Exit: Goes further into Glacial Tomb. Leads to first boss.

Once you’ve gotten what you wanted out of the rooms listed above, make your way to the Bottom Right Exit.

In this next room grab the green chest on the right of the room using your Reflector Ray. It contains the Fragarch. Grab the Materials Chest in the lower right corner then head down the bottom exit. Make your way through the room with the red seekers. Head through the top right exit in this next room to reach a Save Room. Save. Return to previous room.

Image showing the first boss room in the Glacial Tomb.

Grab the Materials Chest along the right side of the room as you make your way down. Opposite the boss door there is a breakable wall that gets you a MAXMP UP. Before entering the boss arena, drop down to the room below to reach another Materials Chest. Enter boss room when ready.

Glacial Tomb Boss #1: Gremory

Image showing the first boss in the Glacial Tomb, Gremory.

The first boss you will face in the Glacial Tomb is Gremory. Gremory yields an important shard upon defeat called the Dimension Shift. This shard allows you to warp from place to place. To complete the rest of the Glacial Tomb we need this shard.

Image showing the Dimension Shift room in the Glacial Tomb.

Once you’ve defeated Gremory, return to the room mentioned early which requires Dimension Shift to traverse. In this room use your Dimension Shift shard to make your way to the left exit. Go through the exit into the next room.

The next two rooms are straight shots to the boss room. In the vertical room before the boss room hit the right wall on the top right ledge to reveal a MAXAMMO UP. Drop down below and head right to reach a Save Room. Save then head into the boss fight.

Glacial Tomb Boss #2: Dominique & Bael

Image showing the Bael enemy in the Glacial Tomb.

In this next boss fight you will trigger a cutscene featuring Dominique. This cutscene explains some story points then devolves into a fight. In the first portion of the fight you will face Dominique. Once you beat her you will get pulled into the portal to start the second fight with Bael. Upon defeat of both bosses you will unlock the final, good ending of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

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