Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Endings Guide

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night features a total of three possible endings for players to unlock. These endings unlock achievements and different outcomes to the story. Below I will show you how to unlock all the Bloodstained Ritual of the Night endings.

Spoiler Warning!!!

Ending 1: Just a Flicker

Image showing a scene from the Just a Flicker ending.

The “Just a Flicker” endings can be unlocked immediately after gaining the Reflector Ray from Bathin. Once you have this ability you are able to traverse the upper portion of the Levre Ex Machina. This enables you to reach the Hall of Termination and the boss fight with Gebel. Simply kill Gebel to obtain this ending. In this ending you leave the Castle in the hands of Dominique. This ending results in a game over screen.

Ending 2: Usurper

Image showing the Usurper ending.

Obtain Zangetsu sword then make your way to the Hall of Termination. Once here face off against Gebel. Kill Gebel during this fight to unlock the second ending. In this ending you slay Gebel but question whether it was the right thing to do. This ending results in a game over screen.

Ending 3: Dethroned

Image showing striking the red moon.

Ending 3 is the good ending of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. You will want to complete this ending since there are two more areas you can explore during it. To start get Zengatsu’s sword and fight Gebel. DO NOT KILL GEBEL. Instead fight until the moon turns red. Jump up and strike the red moon with Zangetsu’s sword. This ends the fight.

Go to Portal in Garden of Silence

Image showing the location of the red moon in the Garden of Silence.

After you destroy the red moon, there will be a brief cutscene. Once the cutscene is over make your way to the Garden of Silence. Here you will find another red moon. Cut this red moon and a portal will appear. This portal takes you to a new area called the Den of Behemoths. Head there now.

Reach the Glacial Tomb

Make your way through the Den of Behemoths to reach a second area called the Glacial Tomb. In this area you will need to defeat three bosses: Gremory, Dominique, and Bael.

Image showing where to go after killing Gremory.

To start make your way to the Gremory fight. Defeat Gremory to unlock the Dimension Shift shard. Use this shard ability the shown room above to venture deeper into the Glacial Tomb. Eventually you will arrive at the final boss fight. Once you’ve defeated Dominique and Bael the good ending will play.

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