All Unlockables in Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7.0

Vampire Survivors update 1.7.0 splash art.

As the spook season descends, Poncle joins in the festivities with a spine-tingling update for Vampire Survivors. The 1.7.0: Whiteout update ushers in a host of new content, from fresh weapons and characters to intriguing relics and stages. To keep you in the know and help you unlock all the mysterious wonders this update has to offer, use our comprehensive all unlockables in Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7.0 guide below.

New Stage: Whiteout

A screenshot from the Vampire Survivors Whiteout stage.
The Whiteout stage is a snowy surprise.

As the update’s name suggests, players can access the Whiteout stage. This 20-minute bonus stage provides a distinct challenge with slower enemies vulnerable to fire weapons. While exploring this stage, you’ll also encounter snowmen that obstruct your path until they are defeated.

Unlocking the Whiteout stage is straightforward, as Poncle intended it to be accessible before reaching the post-game. All you need to do is collect a total of 20 Orologions. When you reach this milestone, the Whiteout stage becomes accessible on the Stage Selection screen, and you unlock the “Extra: Whiteout” achievement.

2 New Relics: Antidote & Chaos Altemanna

Update 1.7.0 introduces two new Relics for players to discover: Antidote and Chaos Altemanna. The Antidote Relic can be found on the Whiteout map inside a cave located south of the starting spawn point. The Chaos Altemanna Relic is located on the Tiny Bridge map, to the left of the starting spawn.

These Relics offer the following benefits:

  • Antidote: Unlocks the Defang PowerUp, reducing enemy damage.
  • Chaos Altemanna: Allows O’Sole Meeo to morph at Level 80, evolving Celestial Dusting into Profusione D’Amore.

Finding the Antidote Relic unlocks the “Extra: Antidote” achievement, while discovering the Chaos Altemanna Relic unlocks the “Extra: Chaos Altemanna” achievement.

New Weapon: Glass Fandango & Weapon Evolution

The Glass Fandango weapon inside of a cave in the Whiteout bonus stage.
The Glass Fandango is inside a cave.

A Vampire Survivors update isn’t complete without fresh weaponry and evolutions, and this one is no exception. In the 1.7.0 update, players can uncover the Glass Fandango, a brand-new weapon.

You’ll find this weapon on the Whiteout stage; to acquire it, head north from the starting spawn point to the cave, enter it, and claim the Glass Fandango for your arsenal. Once you’ve picked up this weapon you will want to level it up to at least Level 7. This unlocks the “Extra: Glass Fandango” achievement.

To evolve the Glass Fandango into the Celestial Voulge, you’ll need both the Glass Fandango and Wings. Level up both items, and then use an evolution chest to initiate the transformation. Upon triggering the evolution for the first time, you’ll unlock the “Extra: Celestial Voulge” achievement.

New Character: She-Moon Eeta

She-Moon Eeta on the character selection screen in Vampire Survivors.
She-Moon Eeta starts with the Glass Fandango.

The last of the Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7.0 unlocks is a new character named She-Moon Eeta. To unlock this character you simply need to survive all 20 minutes in Whiteout. After completing this requirement She-Moon Eeta will be available on the Character Selection screen for purchase. Unlocking She-Moon Eeta will trigger the “Extra: She-Moon Eeta” achievement.

This marks the completion of our guide for acquiring all unlockables in Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7.0. The time it takes to unlock everything may vary, but skilled players can accomplish it in approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

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