Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 Unlocks Guide

A new patch for Vampire Survivors has released called Patch 1.3.0. This new patch features a few new additions to the game including three new achievements, a new level, and new Relics to unlock. If you are wondering how to go about unlocking everything in this patch this post is for you. Here’s HTR’s Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 unlocks guide.

How to Unlock Hyper Bat Country

Vampire Survivors Hyper Bat Country.
Hyper Bat Country Unlocked.

One of the new things for you to do is unlock Hyper Bat Country. To do this is fairly simple. Do a run of Inverse Mad Forest. During this run level up your character to Level 80. Once you hit Level 80 finish the run or quit out. When you quit out or finish you will unlock Hyper Bat Country. You also unlock the EXTRA: Bat Country Achievement.

How to Unlock the Charm PowerUp

A new PowerUp has been added to Vampire Survivors in Patch 1.3.0. This PowerUp is called the Charm PowerUp. To unlock this new Relic do a run on Bat Country. Survive the run up to the 9 minute mark. When you reach this mark the Apoplexy Relic will spawn on the map. Follow the green arrow down and to the right to reach it. Destroy the bricks around the Apoplexy Relic then pick it up to unlock the Charm PowerUp and the EXTRA: Apoplexy achievement.

The Charm PowerUp can be found on the Power Up page. You can spend gold to level it up. When the Charm PowerUp is active it increases enemies spawn quantity by 20 per rank (max +100).

How to Unlock the Chaos Malachite

A new transformation for Martaccio was added in this update. This transformation is tied to a new Relic called the Chaos Malachite. Unlocking this new Relic works the exact same way as the method unlock above, but you need to survive on Bat Country until 18 minutes. At this point the Chaos Malachite spawns to the bottom left. Go there, destroy the bricks around it and pick it up to unlock Chaos Malachite and the EXTRA: Chaos Malachite achievement.

The Chaos Malachite triggers a special transformation at Level 80. Mortaccio turns into a giant skeleton akin to the Goshadokuro from the game’s Mt. Moonspell DLC.

These are all of the major unlocks available in the Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0. The patch also comes with a few bug fixes that address some of the linger issues in the game. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the complete Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 notes for details.

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