Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 Notes

Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3 art.

What a happy day it has turned out to be today. Poncle has a new patch for Vampire Survivors! This new patch marks their turn away from the blistering pace they had been updating the game at get it to full release. The new patch today features a few new additions to the game and some tweaks. The full Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 notes can be found below.

1.3.0 Patch Notes for Vampire Survivors

The new Vampire Survivors patch released today. It is called Patch 1.3.0 (or The Chaos One). This patch is a meager 1.2 MB on Steam to download. It contains new content for those of you who may have beaten the game already. It clocked in at about 1 hour of gameplay for me personally. The full patch notes for 1.3.0, courtesy of Poncle are:


– 3 new achievements.
– 1 new challenge stage.
– 2 new relics to get a new PowerUp and something special.

Quick content walkthrough

– Reach Level 80 in Inverse Mad Forest: Unlocks Bat Country.
– Find the Apoplexy relic at minute 09:00 in Bat Country: Unlocks Charm Power Up.
– Find the Chaos Malachite relic at minute 18:00 in Bat Country. (unlocks morph ability for Martaccio).


– Items not necessary for the Queen Sigma unlock have a yellowish background color in Collection.
– If you have at least 1M gold, the Eggman appears in Moongolow.
– The game should remember the skins you’ve been using for each character.
– “spoopyseason” spell should permanently unlock new skins for Mortaccio, Yatta Cavallo, Bianca Ramba, and O’Sole Meeo.
– Added a team member to the credits (hi everyone!).

Overall a fairly decent patch for players looking to sink there teeth back into the very addictive game Poncle has created. If you are looking for a guide to help you complete this patch see our full Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 unlocks guide for help.

Thoughts on the Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 Notes? Drop them in the comments below.



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