Where to Find the Chaos Altemanna in Vampire Survivors

Chaos Altemanna Relic on Tiny Bridge.

In the recently released 1.7.0 patch of Vampire Survivors, Poncle introduced a new Relic known as Chaos Altemanna. To make use of this Relic, you first need to locate it within the game. This guide will show you where to find the Chaos Altemanna in Vampire Survivors.

Find the Chaos Altemnana in Tiny Bridge

Location of the Chaos Altemanna Relic on the Tiny Bridge stage of Vampire Survivors.
Walk left from spawn until you reach the Relic.

To locate the Chaos Altemanna Relic, head to the post-game Tiny Bridge stage. Simply start a run on this stage when you see the “!” icon active on the Stage Selection screen.

On the Tiny Bridge stage, you’ll face a choice: head right towards “the roaring thunder” and Scorej Oni, or opt for the left path. To acquire the Chaos Altemanna, choose the left path, and keep walking in that direction until you come across the Relic. Approach it to collect it.

What Does the Chaos Altemanna Do in Vampire Survivors

The Chaos Altemanna enables O’Sole Meeo to morph at Level 80, granting minor stat boosts and evolving Celestial Dusting into Profusione D’Amore. In this weapon evolution, the flowers still shoot, but now they bounce along the screen’s edges. Additionally, it spawns floating leaves that occasionally burst into chain-reaction damaging explosions.

The Chaos Altemanna is just one of several new additions in the Vampire Survivors update. Explore our comprehensive Vampire Survivors Whiteout patch unlocks guide for assistance in obtaining all the new content.

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