Wowowow Korone Box Achievement Guide

Wowowow Korone Box main menu screen.

Wowowow Korone Box is a free-to-play top-down bullet hell shooter available on Steam, offering around 2 hours of gameplay and 13 achievements for players to unlock. Check out our Wowowow Korone Box achievement guide to unlock them all effortlessly!

I’m Die, Thank You Forever – Game Over (1/13)

Wowowow Korone Box game over screen.
Die to trigger a game over to unlock this achievement. Can be done at the same time as No Confidence.

To get the I’m Die, Thank You Forever achievement you simply need die and trigger a game over. You can do this either intentionally or let it happen organically as you play a run.

No Confidence – Die Without Collecting a single Korone Box (2/13)

In Wowowow Korone Box, a key gameplay element is collecting Korone Boxes during runs to obtain weapons, points, and spawn bosses. To unlock this achievement, die in a run without collecting any Korone Boxes. An easy method is to rush into the nearest enemy upon spawning

Total Korone Boxes Collected Achievements (7/13)

Wowowow Korone Box boxes.
Collecting boxes will unlock various achievements.

As mentioned above while you play this game you need to collect Korone Boxes that appear on the maps. Collecting a box switches your weapons, earns you points, and triggers boss fights.

Each time you collect a Korone Box it is added to your collection total. This collection total is shown in the top left corner of the main menu. There are 5 unlockable achievements based on how many total Korone Boxes you collect:

  1. (☞´・ω・`)☞ – Collect 5 Korone Boxes (3/13)
  2. Everyone is an X-Potato! – Collect 20 Korone Boxes (4/13)
  3. D.O.O.G. – Collect 50 Korone Boxes (5/13)
  4. POOOOON! – Collect 120 Korone Boxes (6/13)
  5. Oh No – Collect 250 Korone Boxes (7/13)

Since each achievement depends on your total collection, you can achieve them over multiple runs. Keep playing until you’ve collected enough for each achievement. If you struggle, it might take longer, but it’s still achievable with persistence.

As you unlock these achievements, you’ll also gain access to new, more powerful weapons for future runs. These upgrades will enhance your abilities and increase your chances of survival.

Score Based Achievements (11/13)

Scoring in Wowowow Korone Box is based on each run. Collect Korone Boxes to earn points; each box is worth 1 point. The more boxes you collect in a run, the higher your score. Your score for the run is displayed at the end. Unlock 4 achievements based on your score during a run:

  1. Eating (redacted) (redacted)’s Arm – Reach a score of 12 (8/13)
  2. moyoyoyoyoMIMIMIMIMI – Reach a score of 24 (9/13)
  3. Mogu mogu mogu – Reach a score of 36 (10/13)
  4. T – Reach a score of 48 (11/13)

Unlike achievements based on total Korone Boxes collected, those based on score require skill to unlock. Improve by practicing the game, understanding different weapon and enemy quirks, and try and collect as many boxes as possible during a run.

As you unlock these achievements, you’ll also gain access to new, more powerful weapons for future runs. These upgrades will enhance your abilities and increase your chances of survival.

Skill Issue – Get hit by a frisbee (12/13)

The Frisbee weapon in Wowowow Korone Box.
When you have the Frisbee throw it against the wall and walk into it.

To unlock this achievement, start by unlocking the Frisbee weapon. Collect a total of 250 Korone Boxes to unlock it. Then, in a run where you have the Frisbee equipped, throw it against a wall and deliberately walk into it when it bounces back. Getting hit by the Frisbee causes your character to die and unlocks the Skill Issue achievement.

UWU – Defeat ??? on Hard Mode (13/13)

Wowowow Korone Box Darkside Korone boss.
To unlock this achievement defeat Darkside Korone.

To unlock this achievement, collect 35 boxes during a Hard Mode run. Once you do, the Darkside Korone boss will appear. This boss is a dark version of the player character and uses the same selection of weapons that can be found during a run. Be prepared, as defeating this boss is extremely challenging. Reaching her requires some luck, particularly in obtaining a strong weapon from the 35th box.

A good strategy (that requires a lot of luck) is getting the Hand Mine from the 35th box. This weapon can be placed on the ground as you run away from Darkside Korone. Darkside Korone will continue to follow you and will run into the mines you’ve placed until she’s dead.

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