A Living Room Achievements Guide

The ending in A Living Room.

A Living Room is a free-to-play point and click indie experience on Steam. This title puts players in control of an old man inside of a living room. While in this living room there is a story to complete and 11 achievements to unlock. To help you unlock all the achievements here’s our 100% A Living Room achievements guide. For just a walkthrough of the story see our story guide.

Turn it Off and On Again (1/11)

The light switch in A Living Room.
Interact with the light switch to get this achievement.

When you start the game walk over to the Light switch on the left wall. Interact with it 5 times. Each time you interact you a different thing will happen (light turn off, Cthulhu monster appear, etc.). On the fifth interaction you will trigger the “Turn it off and on again” achievement.

Inventory: Before proceeding you need to know how to use the Inventory in this game. Items you collect/pickup are added to a hidden bar at the top of your screen. To view it hover your cursor over the bar to view and use items you’ve collected. You will also find save/settings here by pushing the power icon in the right corner.

Smell the Flowers (2/11)

The old man about to cut the flower in A Living Room.
Use the knife on the flower then smell the flower.

Pickup the Knife from off the Coffee Table in the center of the room. Move to the Flower on the right side of the room. Open your Inventory, equip the Knife, and use it on the Flower to cut it. Use the cut Flower on yourself to unlock the “Smell the Flowers” achievement.

Stabby Solution (3/11)

The couch in A Living Room.
There are a couple of achievements to unlock with the couch.

Head over to the Couch. Interact with it and choose “Do you have anything under your cushions?” followed by “Give me the stuff from under your cushions.” Conclude the conversation with “I’m going” and then save your progress.

After you make your save equip the Knife and interact with the Couch to threaten it to no avail. Doing this unlocks the “Stabby Solution” achievement.

The Peacemaker (4/11)

Load your save from before you threatened the couch. This time use the Flower on the couch instead of the Knife. Doing this gets you the Remote Control (which we need) and unlocks “The Peacemaker” achievement.

Cure Your Head (5/11)

After getting the Remote Control speak to the Couch again. Ask “Do your do therapy.” Pick any dialogue options and exhaust the interaction. At the end of it you will unlock the “Cure Your Head” achievement.

The Entertainment (6/11)

Use the Remote Control on the Television. Walk over to the TV and interact with it. Select the “Show me something funny” option. When you select this option you will trigger an interaction with the Lamp. Following the interaction you will unlock “The Entertainment” achievement.

Nexo Corporation (7/11)

The Chair in A Living Room.
The chair has the key.

To unlock the next achievement you need to complete a number of steps at this point. Follow the list below to complete them in the proper order to advance the story and unlock this achievement:

  1. Interact with the Lamp
  2. Use Knife on Lemon in Fruit Bowl to get a Seed
  3. Put Seed in Flower Vase
  4. Use Remote Control on Flower Vase
  5. Use Knife to cut the Branch that grows
  6. Give Branch to Chair to get the Key

Once you’ve gotten the Key use the Branch on the Television to trigger a special ad to watch. Doing this unlocks the “Nexo Corporation” achievement.

That’s Some Good Television (8/11)

Cupboard Door in A Living Room.
Open this door then make a save.

Interact with the Clock on the wall a couple of times. Go over to the locked Cupboard Door by the Television and use the Key to open it but don’t touch the Book yet. Make a save here before proceeding.

Once you’ve made a save you can touch the Book. Doing this triggers the start of the game’s ending. To get the “That’s Some Good Television” achievement select “Interesting” while watching tv with your family.

Not a Fan (9/11)

Reload your save. Touch the Book again. This time while watching tv with your family select “Nonsense.” This will unlock the “Not a Fan” achievement. Select whichever options you want to advance to the game’s ending.

Meet the Devil (10/11)

Following the television sequence you will return to the living room. In the living room touch the Book again to unlock the “Meet The Devil” achievement. As the name suggests a devil will appear briefly.

Finish the Game (11/11)

Turn on the TV by interacting with it. Interact with the body of the dead man 5 times to trigger the game’s ending. Watch the ending to unlock the “Finish the Game” achievement.

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