Mimic Search Achievements Guide

A screenshot from the horror game Mimic Search.

Mimic Search is a short, free-to-play, horror game on Steam. In this game players play as a police officer sent to a small town to investigate recent mimic attacks. While in the town players must investigate crime scenes and speak to the town’s strange residents. As you solve the investigation there are five achievements to unlock. The Mimic Search achievements guide below will show you how to unlock them all.

Detective (1/5)

The Crime Scene in Mimic Search.
Inspect the car and four clues at the Crime Scene.

When you start the game, you’ll need to drive forward until you reach the Crime Scene. Once you arrive, exit your car and head into the Crime Scene area.

In the Crime Scene, examine the open car and investigate the four marked yellow pieces of evidence scattered on the ground around it. Completing this task unlocks the Detective achievement.

Door (2/5)

Once you are done with the crime scene and get back in your car, open the map on your computer. On it, you will see the next building down the road is a Gas Station.

Map location and door in Mimic Search.
The door is in this forested area.

Drive towards that building. About halfway between it and the Crime scene, take a left into the woods. Walk a bit in, and you will encounter a glowing red door (in the area marked on the map). Interact with it to unlock the Door achievement.

Bad Driver (3/5)

To unlock this achievement, simply crash into a car you see driving around town while playing the game. This will cause your character to die and the game to end.

Try to do this near the start of the game to minimize lost progress. When you die in the accident, the Bad Driver achievement will be unlocked!

Talkative (4/5)

Map location of all NPCs in Mimic Search.
You will find the NPCs at these locations.

To unlock the Talkative achievement you need to speak to all of the NPCs in the game. There are a total of 9 characters to speak to. The map above highlights their locations. They are as follows:

  1. Officer at Crime Scene
  2. Gas Station attendant
  3. Couple at Trailer Park (two people)
  4. Guy with overheating car
  5. Farmer in Farmhouse
  6. Motel attendant
  7. Camper at Camping Spot
  8. Homeless man

As you explore the town and its various locations, you should naturally unlock this achievement.

The characters you speak to will provide valuable clues about the Mimic’s whereabouts, so be sure to engage with them as you progress through the game.

Survivor (5/5)

This achievement is tied to completing the game. To do this visit the Cabin. Go inside the Cabin and explore its different rooms. When you enter the garage you will hear screaming outside. Go outside and follow the screams into the woods so it gets louder.

Eventually you will reach an area where the scream switches to a growl. At this point the Mimic will appear. Shoot it with your gun until you defeat it and survive the attack. This unlocks the Survivor achievement.

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