A Living Room Guide

The old man about to cut the flower in A Living Room.

A Living Room is a free indie point-and-click adventure available on Steam, featuring a single location where players must solve various puzzles to progress. These puzzles can be challenging and require some thought to solve. To aid your completion of the game, consult our A Living Room guide for reaching the end, while the other guide is dedicated to unlocking all achievements.

Inventory: Before proceeding you need to know how to use the Inventory in this game. Items you collect/pickup are added to a hidden bar at the top of your screen. To view it hover your cursor over the bar to view and use items you’ve collected. You will also find save/settings here by pushing the power icon in the right corner.

Use the Knife on the Flower Vase

The first step of beating this game is to pickup the Knife, located on the Coffee Table. Once you have the Knife go over to the Flower Vase in the right of the room. Use the Knife on the Flower Vase to receive the Flower.

Give the Flower to the Couch

The couch in A Living Room.
Barter with the Couch to get the Remote Control.

Once you have the Flower go to the left of the room and speak to the Couch. Ask it “Do you have anything under your cushions? and then “Give me the stuff from under your cushions” when prompted. Following the interaction give the Couch the Flower to receive the Remote Control.

Complete TV Sequence

After getting the Remote Control use it to turn on the television in the right-side of the room. Walk over to the screen and interact with it. Ask it to “Show me something funny.” This causes the Lamp to move which we needed to happen. Follow the steps below to continue:

  1. Turn on the Lamp
  2. Use Knife on Lemon in Fruit Bowl to get a Seed
  3. Place Seed in Flower Vase
  4. Use Remote Control on Seed in Flower Vase to fast forward growth
  5. Use Knife to cut the Branch

Once you have the Branch take it and use it on the Chair. This in turn gives you the Key which can be used to open the locked Cupboard Door. Before unlocking the Cupboard interact with the Clock above the Chair. Do this twice so the house comes to life.

Open the Locked Cupboard Door and Read the Book

Cupboard Door in A Living Room.
Unlock the Cupboard Door and read the Book inside.

When the house comes to life you can safely open the Cupboard Door with the Key. Inside is a Book. Read the Book to trigger a cutscene which start’s the game’s ending. This cutscene features the old man with his family, watching TV. What dialogue you choose during this scene unlocks different achievements.

Turn on the TV and Interact with the Corpse

After the television scene you will return to the living room where the old man is now dead. You control a black crow. Turn on the TV then interact with the old man’s corpse. Each time you interact with it the TV will say something to you. Continue to interact until the screen breaks and the final ending screen appears.

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