Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

If there’s one thing I like, it’s easy achievements. Like Confess My Love, I like finding games that can be 100% relatively easily and cheaply. Loading Screen Simulator ticks all the boxes here. First, the game is free on Steam; Second the game can be 100% relatively easily (there are a couple annoying ones). Here is Hold to Reset’s Loading Screen Simulator achievement guide.

For the achievements below, I recommend using Autoclicker software:

Loading Screen Simulator

1. And that’s where it starts 

  • Click the Earn Money Button

2. Is it over yet?No? Okay

  • Click the Earn Money Button 1000 times

3. $Lots of cash$

  • Click the Earn Money Button 10000 times

Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

4. Loaded

  • Beat the game once


  • Beat the game twice

6. One More for the go

  • Beat the game ten times

The game is beaten once you reach fast enough speeds and the loading bar… loads. You will see a funny cat gif when you’ve beaten the game.

Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

7. 1 byte/sec

8. 1 kilobyte/sec

9. 1 megabyte/sec

10. 1 gigabyte/sec

11. 1 peatebyte/sec

12. 1 Exabyte/sec

13. Speedrun

  • You need to beat the game in under 10 minutes. Using an autoclicker makes this relatively simple. Autoclick enough to buy all the shop items. Then beat the Console Shindow quiz. Go back to auto clicking and stockpile a ton of cash. Spend it all on the Give us your money button.

The speed achievements are tied to increasing your download speed. This can be done by buying all the shop upgrades, using the Give us your money button in the Shindows Shop, and beating the Console Shindow quiz.

14. Yay Victory

Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

  • Beat the Shindow Console Quiz: Answers go on the line at the bottom of the Shindow.
    • 1: Buy the Console Shindow for 450$
    • 2: Open Console Shindow and type
    • 3: Answer to Quiz Questions = n, 0, no, ab, 4, 1, 28, no, yes, Ruslan



15. high score I guess

Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

  • Play the pong minigame for 10+ minutes

16. Secret

Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

  • Leave the Web Explorer open for 10 minutes. This causes a Pepe Emoji to appear. Click it.


17. A small loan of a million dollars

  • Acquire 1 million dollars.


18. Cake is not a lieLoading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide

  • Click the cake at the start of the game


19. Gotta go fast

  • Use an autoclicker to click as fast as you can


An questions about this Loading Screen Simulator achievement guide? Let me know in the Pit below.


Enricofairme is the founder and lead writer on holdtoreset.com. He has been creating content about video games for the past 6 years. You can follow Eli on Twitter @enricofairme.

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16 responses

  1. dominik says:

    ahoj chci si zahrat

  2. Bryan says:

    wanna speedrun the game? easy, just open the game, press the tab twice, press enter, congratz, you completed the game!

  3. Provity says:

    how can i get petabyte and exabyte and the secret archivement ?

  4. Provity says:

    “Ich muss schnell los” ich habe mir jz nen auto clicker runtergeladen und jetzt ? muss ich was machen ?

  5. A Brony says:

    Here’s a REALLY easy way to get the achievements related to clicking/winning:
    Open the game. Press tab once. This should highlight the ‘earn money’ button. Don’t click anything, just hold enter. This will spam the shit out of the button and make all the clicking related achievements easy.
    Here’s a way to get the speedrun achievement, and the other 3 achievements related to winning: Open the game. Press tab TWICE. Press enter to win.

  6. YoWorstNightmare says:

    I had like 1 Billion Clicks per second on my autoclicker, but it didnt give me the achievement

  7. Jayden says:

    When I put n it just says wrong anwser

  8. steve says:

    Can you help me understand the “Yay Victory” achievement. I don’t understand the steps, I have tried it and it didn’t work.

    • enricofairme says:

      Buy the console shindow from the store. Open the console and begin the quiz. Answer the questions in using the answers provided.

      1. n
      2. 0
      3. no
      4. ab
      5. 4
      6. 1
      7. 28
      8. no
      9. yes
      10. Ruslan

      Let me know if this clears things up. Thanks for reading!

  9. ECO_PR says:

    i dont understand the auto cliker part please help me

    • enricofairme says:

      Auto Clicker is just a third party program that allows you to click faster than would be normally possible. I used the one I linked to in the article (no affiliation). Set the clicker to like 1ms and use f6 to turn it on and off over the button you want to press. Any more questions let me know.

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