Microtransaction Simulator Achievement Guide

I like to play random free games on Steam. A while ago I played through Loading Screen Simulator, so now it is only right that I play Microtransaction Simulator next. As these games are free, it usually means an easy 100% achievement playthrough in a few hours. I like that. Here is my Microtransaction Simulator achievement guide.

There are a total of 27  33  34 achievements to collect in Microtransaction Simulator

Color Card Achievements (8/8)

Microtransaction Simulator Achievement Guide

Microtransaction Simulator, simulates opening card packs to collect different rarities of cards. Every rarity corresponds to a different color. Getting one of each color unlocks the achievements below.

1. White Onion – Get a White

2. Brown Bagel – Get a Brown

3. Blue Berry – Get a Blue

4. Purple Grapes – Get a Purple

5. Red Beet – Get a Red

6. Green Peas – Get a Green

7. Turquoise Turquoise – Get a Turquoise

8. Peach Fuzz – Get a Fuzz (peach colored)

General Gameplay Achievements (17/17)

Microtransaction Simulator Achievement Guide

There are a bunch of achievements tied to general gameplay in Microtransaction Simulator. Here’s how to get them:


Pure Knowledge – Open 2,150 packs

Silence is golden – Turn off the sound

Dead – Go $1,000 in debt

Against All Odds – Get a total pack score of 10000+

Chlsea – As soon as the game starts you get this achievement

Debt – Go into debt of $100

First One is Free – Open the first pack and buy another

Oh What A Feeling – Open 50 Packs

We’re Dancing on the Ceiling – Open 100 Packs

Riches – Earn a ton of $$$ (mine popped at 6k)

Holy Moly – Open a pack that has only the rarest 2 tiers inside

FNG – Use the Lucid Option

Win the Game – Beat the game

Win twice? – Beat the game twice

Broccoli – grab 10+ avocado in a playthrough

A movie about bees – Complete the casino minigame (list of casino words)

Apply your knowledge – Complete the casino minigame four times in a row without failing (list of casino words)

Shop Upgrade Purchases Achievements (6/6)

Microtransaction Simulator Achievement Guide

The Year is 20xx – Purchase the Meaningless upgrade

Tricks are for kids – Purchase the Card Trick upgrade

The House Always Wins – Purchase the SCOG Lotto upgrade

Schooled – Purchase the Architect upgrade

Guacamole – Purchase and use the MAYAN2012 upgrade

Gotta Go Fast – Purchase the SPEEDRUNZ upgrade

Code Change Related Achievements (3/3)

This is the sequence for the 40k impossible achievement

Up to this point, all the achievements can be gathered by using autoclickers and normal means. To get the last 5 achievements, you will need to access the game’s catch.gd file. This file can be located by following SteamLibrary (Wherever you put it) > SteamApps > Common > Microtransaction_Simulator. You will see catch.gd sitting here. To access the files, use Notepad++. You can find the steps for each achievement below.

Brick your game (intentionally) – Access the catch.gd file. Delete everything inside and set the file to Read – Only. Start up the game (be sure to check off Read – Only after getting the achievement).

Impossible – ‘Open’ a pack that has a total value of 40,000. To do this, change the values of the last pack opened in the catch.gd file (see pic above). totalCardOpenValue must match the total of the four totalValue entries below.



Mighty Number 9 – ‘Open’ a pack that has four of the same repeating numbers. See pic.


This concludes our Microtransaction Simulator achievement guide. Drop your questions in The Pit below.


Enricofairme is the founder and lead writer on holdtoreset.com. He has been creating content about video games for the past 6 years. You can follow Eli on Twitter @enricofairme.

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  1. me says:

    heh.. i got the impossible achievement without using coding. I literally got the Scorch inside a pack and then i got the acheivement. 🙂

  2. dundun says:

    how do you “win the game”?

  3. Dabble says:

    I got the “Early Adopter” achievement as soon as I started up the game, not sure what I did

  4. merp says:

    there are 34 achievements not 33

  5. Lenny says:

    “Dead” achievement = have -1000$ money

  6. I am the dev says:

    Nice guide. Looks promising. Nothing should be broken (as I know of from the 33)

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