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Confess My Love is a strange, free indie game on Steam which sees you confessing (or not confessing) your love to a girl in your class. What’s interesting about Confess My Love is that the game boasts 20 endings. This means you have a lot of stuff to do. Each ending is slightly different than the others and is triggered by doing different things. Below you’ll find an all endings guide for Confess My Love. Enjoy getting your heart crushed over and over and over.

Timed Endings


All Endings Guide


12 of the endings in Confess My Love are time oriented. As soon as you start up a run, the timer starts. Use this to gauge when to talk to your crush.

5 Seconds

  • Ending 12 – Achievement “What were you about to say?”

5 Seconds – 1 Minute

  • Ending 1 – Achievement “Have we ever met before?”

1 – 2 Minutes

  • Ending 2 (confess) – Achievement “Just leave me alone, please.”
  • Ending 3 (hesitate) – Achievement “You don’t have to speak it out.”


2 – 3 Minutes

  • Ending 4 (confess) – Achievement “Do you have an interest in zodiac?”
  • Ending 5 (hesitate) – Achievement “We can still be friends.”


3 – 4 Minutes

  • Ending 6 (hesitate) – Achievement “But we don’t match.”
  • Ending 7 (confess) – Achievement “I have a boyfriend already.”


4 – 5 Minutes

  • Ending 8 (hesitate) – Achievement “We shall focus on school works.”
  • Ending 9 (confess) – Achievement “To be honest, I’m a lesbian.”


5 Minutes – Game Ends(Julie in class/Julie not in class) *Give Julie cake from your desk to have her leave*

  • Ending 10 – Achievement “Julie, Let’s go.”
  • Ending 11 – Achievement “…Anything happened?”

Conditional Endings


All Endings Guide

Other endings in Confess My Love, are based on completing certain criteria or conditions. These range from the straight forward to more complicated.

Leave the Classroom

  • Ending 13 – Achievement “…So you leaved.”


Send a Gift

Inside your desk is a cake. Collect the cake and give it to your crush. This will allow you to get one of two possible endings.

  • Ending 14 – Achievement “If you understand why I refused.”
  • Ending 15 – Achievement “That’s how you see me huh?”


Nightmare Room

  • Ending 16 (run from crush) – Achievement “Come back! COME BACK!!”
  • Ending 17 (crush catches you) – Achievement “You love me, don’t you?”

To unlock endings 16 – 17, you need to access the nightmare room. In this room, things are not as they seem. To get to the alternate room is a real pain. This is largely due to the fact that there is an rng element of whether the room spawns. In order to even get the room to possible spawn, you need to do a sequence in the normal room. The sequence is listed below (watch video if confused):


1. Get Cake from Desk

2. Get Cup from Julie

3. Collect all 4 jigsaw puzzle pieces (look for shiny icons)

  • Desk – 2 desks right of crush
  • Book
  • Under note
  • Desk – Behind crush

4. Fill Cup + water plant – Make note of code you get

5. Unlock Monitor’s journal + get key

6. Open locked cabinet in bookshelf + take knife

7. Ask Julie to leave

8. Close curtains

9. Confess love to crush (must be in 3 minutes)

Video of steps

*Important note: doing the sequence DOES NOT guarantee the nightmare room will spawn on the next playthrough. I’ve read the chance of it spawning in is 1/3, so expect to do the sequence multiple times.*

After Nightmare Room

After completing a Nightmare Room run, you will be able to unlock either Ending 18 or 19. The only difference between unlocking either ending is asking Julie to leave. To unlock these endings, do everything up to collecting the knife (tell Julie to leave before picking up knife if doing ending 19). This will trigger a sequence that unlocks endings 18 + 19.

  • Ending 18 (collect knife with Julie in room) – Achievement “What’s wrong with you?”
  • Ending 19 (collect knife after Julie leaves) – Achievement “Now you remember who hurt me?”

The True Ending

  • Ending 20 – Achievement “Thank you for your cake, Mr. Who.”

After you have completed all 19 endings, you can access Confess My Love’s final ending, ending 20. This ending is accessed by interacting with the bulletin board that has your progress on it and then talking to Julie twice. This will trigger the final ending. #FeelsBadMan…


Hidden Achievement

After you finish Confess My Love, the game essentially becomes unplayable. Like me you will probably wonder why this is the case. This is tied to the secret achievement! To get the achievement, simply delete your save file. This can be done by right clicking Confess My Love in the Steam Library -> Properties – > Local Files – > Browse local files – > System – > Delete System. rvdata2. Relaunch the game and the last achievement will be yours.


Moar Walkthroughs!


What did you think of this Confess My Love all endings guide? Let me know in the Pit below.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I erased the file like u said :((( U are a troll!!

  2. Honey says:

    I erased the file but didnt get anything, just lost the progress. but at least i could see the characters in the beginning (i wanna see hydrics\julie !!!)

  3. Icy says:

    i’ve accessed the nightmare room and i get the 16th ending and i want to get the 17th ending by doing the same way but instead of finding a normal knife, i unlocked the 18th ending -_-. how to unlock the 17th ending?

    • Icy says:

      after i got the 18th ending, i got a room that nobody is there so get out, then the nightmare room spawns again wtf

    • enricofairme says:

      Whenever you access the Nightmare room, the knife will be bloody afterwards. Just repeat to process again and let your crush catch you in the nightmare room!

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  6. Renan says:

    eu nao achava que se jogo iria fazer eu chorar nesse final é uma pena que ele esta morto 🙁

  7. Nicholas says:

    🙁 That ending was really sad. I never expected that would happen. Still though I really wanted the ending to be happy.

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