Wowowow Korone Box Weapons Unlocks List

The In Wowowow Korone Boxes Bonemerang weapon.

Wowowow Korone Box is a fun, free-to-play top-down bullet hell shooter, players can snag off of Steam right now. When you start playing this game you will have access to only a limited amount of weapons. As complete specific tasks you will unlock more powerful weapons, making new runs easier. To help you unlock all of the weapons here’s our complete Wowowow Korone Box weapons List.

All Weapons in Wowowow Korone Box and How to Unlock Them

In Wowowow Korone Box, there are 14 weapons. Initially, you have access to five. By playing and completing certain achievements, you unlock the remaining nine. Check your unlocked and locked weapons in the ‘Weapons’ section of the main menu.

WeaponHow to Unlock
Finger GunStarting weapon, doesn’t appear in Korone Boxes
Dual Finger GunUnlocked from start, can appear in Korone Boxes
Machine GunUnlocked from start, can appear in Korone Boxes
ShotgunUnlocked from start, can appear in Korone Boxes
BonkhammerUnlocked from start, can appear in Korone Boxes
YubivolverCollect 5 Korone Boxes
X-Potato CannonCollect 20 Korone Boxes
ChainsawCollect 50 Korone Boxes
HandmineCollect 120 Korone Boxes
FrisbeeCollect 250 Korone Boxes
BonemerangReach a score of 12
Mion CannonReach a score of 24
OkayuReach a score of 36
BLTReach a score of 48

The table above showcases the diverse array of weapons in Wowowow Korone Box awaiting player unlock. The more challenging a weapon is to unlock, like the BLT, the greater its utility in runs, particularly against the game’s tougher bosses.

Thoughts on the weapons in Wowowow Korone Box? Which do you like? Which do you hate? Let me know in the comments section down below.



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