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This week’s Live Event challenge in Far Cry 5 is a must complete for fans of the game as it rewards players with the Shovel Launcher weapon and the Jacob’s Hunter outfit. To help you complete the Live Event use our White Collar Job guide below. Let’s get to killing some Judges.

Live Event: White Collar Job Requirements

White Collar Job Guide - Live Event Requirements

This week’s Live Event, White Collar Job, unlocks both the Shovel Launcher and Jacob’s Hunter outfit for completion.

The newest Live Event in Far Cry 5 is called White Collar Job. In this event you need to kill a number of Judges (the big wolves) with arrows or throwing knives and then skin them for their collars. Like previous Live Events there are multiple items to unlock for completing certain milestones:

  • Personal Progression: 50 Silver Bars at 5 collars, Shovel Launcher at 10 collars.
  • Community Progression: 50 silver bars at 500k, Jacob’s Hunter outfit at 1 million.

To unlock the personal progression items, you need to complete the task of collecting 10 collars. To unlock the community progression items, the community as a whole will need to collect a total of 1 million. Both of these unlocks should be fairly easy for you to complete.

Completing White Collar Job Live Event

White Collar Job Guide - Hunting 10 Judges

This challenge tasks you with killing 10 judges with either a bow or throwing knives. Since the challenge stipulates the weaponry required, be sure to stock up on supplies before heading out on the hunt. For the sake of making this challenge easier, I highly recommend using the bow, as throwing knives can be a bit harder to use and are relatively finite. It is also recommended to bring bait as well as Jesse Black (if you have this companion unlocked). Once you’ve geared up, it’s time to head out on the hunt.

Best Spot for Judges

White Collar Job Guide - Best Location to hunt Judges

To quickly complete this event, make your way to the Grey Wolf hunting spot located to the southeast of the Kellett Cattle Co. Outpost (lower south area of John’s Region). When here, throw your bait in the field and a Judge will appear and take the bait. Have Jesse Black kill it (by marking the target), or take it down yourself. Approach the carcass and gather the skin, collar, and bait. Repeat this process as much as you want (at least to 10). That’s all there is to it.

Unlocking the Shovel Launcher

White Collar Job Guide - Shovel Launcher unlocked

The Shovel Launcher is the meme of all meme weapons. It must be unlocked to enjoy.

Once you’ve collected a total of 10 collars, you will unlock the Shovel Launcher. This rocket launcher launches shovels instead of rockets and is a pretty memey weapon to have in your arsenal. Like other unlocks you will need to access this weapon through a General Store. Once at a General Store you will find the unlocked Shovel Launcher under the Launcher section of the Special Weapons. Get out there and start shooting people with shovels.

Unlocking the Jacob’s Hunter Outfit

Since this is a community progression reward, there really isn’t a ton you can do to help with this (besides completing your personal progression). Once the community has reached 1 million, everyone will receive the Jacobs’s Hunter outfit. To access this outfit, head to the character customization menu and select outfit. Scroll to the bottom and you should find the Jacob’s Hunter Outfit (when it is unlocked).

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