Root Canal Live Event Guide: New Weapon and Special Outfit – Far Cry 5

The new Far Cry 5 Live Event, Root Canal, is now available to complete. This week’s challenge is all about bashing cultists with melee weapons and looting teeth from their corpses. To help you easily complete this Live Event, use the Root Canal Live Event guide below. Let’s get to bashing.

Root Canal Live Event Progression

Root Canal Live Event Progression

The Live Event progression for this week’s Far Cry 5 challenge, Root Canal.

Like every Live Event up to this point, this week’s event is broken down into Personal and Community Progression. Reaching certain milestones of progression will unlock different loot. Here are the milestones and loot for this week’s Root Canal challenge:

  • Personal Progression:
    • 5 Kills = 50 Silver Bars
    • 10 Kills = Tooth and Nail Melee Weapon
  • Community Progression (PC): 
    • 250K Kills = 50 Silver Bars
    • 500K Kills = Dentist “Special Outfit”.

The instructions for the Root Canal Live Event are as follows, “Use your melee weapons to crack open the cultist skulls and loot their teeth.”

How to Complete the Root Canal Live Event

Now that we now the progression and instructions for the Root Canal Live Event, it’s time for us to actually complete the event. To easily complete the Root Canal event I suggest making your way to any Outpost (may need to reset if in endgame). Once at an Outpost pop “The Furious” consumable (increases melee damage) and equip your favorite melee weapon. Head into the Outpost and start taking out Cultists. BE SURE TO LOOT THE BODIES TO RECEIVE THE TOOTH MISSION ITEM. Let the enemies call for backup and take them out with your melee weapon as they arrive. This Live Event is very, very easy to complete.

Access Loot

Root Canal Live Event Reward

The Tooth and Nail is a new unlockable melee weapon in Far Cry 5.

Once you’ve collected 10 Teeth (and the Community has collected 500K), you will unlock a couple of pieces of new loot to use. This new loot comes in the form of a new melee weapon called the Tooth and Nail, and the Dentist Special Outfit. To access each loot piece, follow the steps below.

  • Tooth and Nail (Melee Weapon): Head to a General Store and access the Weapons tab. Scroll to the Melee Weapons tab and You will find the Tooth and Nail bat at the the bottom. This weapon is is a standard bat, but you will notice there are a number of teeth stuck into it.
  • Dentist (Special Outfit): Like other Special Outfits, the Dentist outfit can be found in the Character Customization menu. I will update this once the community has unlocked it.

Like last week, this week’s Live Event was fairly easy and pretty unrewarding. Hopefully they will start hitting their stride again with challenging activities and better rewards. What did you think of this week’s Live Event loot?

Thoughts on our Root Canal Live Event guide? Let’s hear them in The PIt below.


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