Friendly Fire Live Event Guide – Far Cry 5

Another week is upon us and that means it’s time for a new Live Event in Far Cry 5. This week’s Live Event is less about what you do, and more about what your Guns for Hire do on the battlefield. Called the Friendly Fire Live Event, this week’s event tasks your Guns for Hire with killing a number of cultists. Use this Friendly Fire Live Event guide to easily get cultist kills and earn yourself some new gear.

Friendly Fire Live Event Progression

Friendly Fire Live Event Guide

Like every Live Event up to this point, this week’s event is broken down into Personal and Community Progression. Reaching certain milestones of progression will unlock different loot. Here are the milestones and loot for this week’s Friendly Fire challenge:

  • Personal Progression:
    • 5 Kills = 50 Silver Bars
    • 10 Kills = MP34 “Rye & Sons” Weapon
  • Community Progression (Already Complete on PC): 
    • 125K Kills = 50 Silver Bars
    • 250K Kills = Kimiko Rye “Special Outfit”.

The instructions for this Live Event are as follows, ” Your Guns for Hire are ready for payback! Order them to take out as many cultists as possible and rack up those kills.”

How to Complete Friendly Fire Live Event

Friendly Fire Live Event Guide

If I am being completely honest, this has to be one of the easiest Live Events we’ve seen so far in Far Cry 5. To easily complete this challenge I simply headed to the nearest Outpost and used Ultimate Hunter to mark the enemies. Since I’m on endgame, I have the Leadership unlocked which allows me to equip two Hired Guns at a time. I chose to run with Boomer and Cheeseburger (but you can use whoever). At the Outpost, I simply commanded my Hired Guns to take out enemies and let the alarm ring (for reinforcements). Once reinforcements came, I simply repeated the process until I had killed 10 cultists and unlocked the gear. In total this took about 5 minutes to complete this Live Event.

Access Loot

Once you’ve completed the LIve Event, you will have access to a couple of new loot pieces. The Silver Bars you receive will immediately go to your wallet, while the loot items go to their respective stores. A brief description of where to find both items can be found below.

  • MP34 “Rye & Sons” Weapon: Head to any Gun Shop and access the Weapons menu. Make your way to the Submachine Gun menu and scroll to the bottom. Here you will find the MP34 “Rye & Sons”. The text of the gun is as follows, “a submachine gun whose bite is worse than its bark.”
  • Kimiko Rye “Special Outfit“: To get this Special Outfit, access the menu and select Character Customization. Select the Special Outfit tab and you should see it on the right.

There you have it, a quick and dirty Friendly Fire Live Event guide. Since this was a rather easy week, the rewards themselves are fairly underwhelming. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft can deliver more weeks of Shovel Launchers and less weeks of lame guns and outfits. See you next week for the next Far Cry 5 Live Event.

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