Where to Get Food in Void Bastards

In Void Bastards there are a couple of key resources you will need to manage as you make your way across the Nebula. These resources include Food and Fuel. Food is essential to your travels as it keeps you alive and provides healing. If you run out of Food you will enter starvation mode which slowly loses health until your die. Being such a crucial part of travel, you don’t want to get stranded without Food. To help you avoid this predicament, here’s where to get Food in Void Bastards.

Option 1: Ship’s Cafe

Image showing a Ship's break room in Void Bastards.

If a ship features a Cafe you should look through that room to find Food. Often there will be a couple of items for you to grab. This is much like the FTL’s Fuel. Note there won’t be Food there if the level is experiencing Nebula Twister which randomises salvage areas

Option 2: Buy Food at a Krell-Mart

Image of buying food from a Krell-Mart in Void Bastards

The first option you have for acquiring Food is buying it from a Krell-Mart. Krell-Marts are located around your Starmap and serve as the game’s sole merchant. Inside the Krell-Mart are a number of kiosks which sell important items in the game. These items include Food which can be purchased for Merits.

Option 3: Find Food Packs on The Starmap

Image showing a Food Pack on the Starmap in Void Bastards.

Another option you have of replenishing Food is by finding Food packs on your Starmap. These floating resources can be collected by simply flying over to the spot to collect them. Collecting Food packs on the Starmap will net you anywhere from 4-8 of the resource.

Option 4: Find Food on Specific Ships

Image showing Ships that feature food in Void Bastards.

Ships contain a number of supplies including Food, but some are more worth your while than others. The two specific ships you should look out for are the CNT Records Boat and the Lux style ship.

Image showing summoning a supply van of 5 Food in Void Bastards.

The CNT Records Boat features a File Room from which you can call down a supply ship. This supply ship can bring you the following: 5 Fuel, 5 Food, or 75 Toaster Juice. Summon the 5 Food to get it delivered to you after a couple of ship jumps on the Starmap.

Image showing food in the dining room of a ship in Void Bastards.

The Lux style ship is a basically a floating hotel. These ships feature a unique room called the Dining Room. Going to these rooms will yield you a lot of Food.

That’s all you need to know about getting Food in Void Bastards. As you can see there are a number of different options for you to find Food in this game.

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