5 Things to Do After Beating Void Bastards

5 Things to Do After Beating Void Bastards

You did it. You collected all the necessary components to get the hell out of the nebula. Now that you’ve escaped, you are probably wondering what to do next. Well, here are 5 things to do after beating Void Bastards.

Play a Restriction Run

Image showing the Only Indirect restriction in Void Bastards.

When you beat Void Bastards you will unlock run restrictions. Like the name suggests, these are restrictions you place on your run. In total there are four available for you (possible fifth one here). The restrictions are as follows:

  • Only Firearms.
  • Only Indirect.
  • Only Devices.
  • Unarmed.

These restrictions are intended to make your runs harder and they will! Good luck completing the above restricted runs. Note only one can be active at a time.

Play an Ironman Run

Image showing the Ironman restriction in Void Bastards.

Another mode you unlock for beating a run in Void Bastards is the Ironman mode. In Ironman your character’s death is final, no replacement client is coming to save you. To complete a full Ironman run you will need to make your way through the nebula with a single bastard. Good luck!

Earn Special Unlock From a HARD BASTARD Ironman Run

Image showing HARD BASTARD and Ironman on in Void Bastards.

In terms of unlocks, Void Bastards pretty much unlocks everything after completing your first run. With that said there is one more interesting unlock for you to get if you have the patience. I won’t spoil what the unlock is (you can read about it here) all I will tell you is that it is unlocked for completing a HARD BASTARD Ironman run. Get to it.

Achievement Hunt

Image showing Void Bastards achievements.

In Void Bastards there are a total of 24 achievements for players to collect. Not all achievements can be unlocked in a single playthrough. In fact you need to complete multiple playthroughs after beating the game to unlock them all. If achievements are your thing, jump back into Void Bastards and get grinding. For help on achievements, check out our guide here.

Wait for DLC

This is purely speculation on my part, but Void Bastards feels ripe for DLC content. They could easily make a new galaxy, new weapons, new ships to explore, and more. While there’s been no announcement of DLC updates in the pipe, I feel like Void Bastards is one of the most ready for DLC games I’ve played in a long time. For now we wait…

Thoughts on these 5 things to do after beating Void Bastards? Let me hear them in The Pit below.



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