How to Unlock the Foon in Void Bastards

In Void Bastards there are a number of different types of challenge runs you can complete to unlock different achievements. These runs are very difficult and will test your patience. One of the hardest runs you can complete unlocks a secret weapon for you to use. Here’s how to unlock the Foon in Void Bastards.

Complete a Run of Void Bastards

The first thing you will need to have done is completed a run of Void Bastards. It doesn’t matter what difficulty, all you need to do is unlock Ironman mode. Once you have Ironman unlocked, head to the next step.

Finish a HARD BASTARD Ironman Run

Finish a HARD BASTARD Ironman Ru

The next step to unlocking the Foon weapon is very, very, very hard. What you need to do to unlock the Foon is complete a HARD BASTARD Ironman run. Basically you have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty without dying. Once you’ve completed you run, the Foon will unlock.

What is the Foon Weapon?

How to Unlock the Foon in Void Bastards
How to Unlock the Foon in Void Bastards

The Foon is a Spoon + Fork combo weapon that one shots enemies when their back is to you. If their back is not to you, the weapon does about 10 damage per hit. To equip the Foon, you need to select it as a restriction when you start a new game.

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