How to Use a Warp Key in Void Bastards

In Void Bastards players move a ship along a Star Map. This movement is tied to fuel consumption. Sometimes a player may find a Warp Key. This item allows players to move further than they would normally. Here’s how to use a Warp Key in Void Bastards.

Acquire a Warp Key

The first thing you need to do is have a Warp Key in your inventory. Warp Keys can be acquired via numerous sources like from a hidden cache on a ship, from a Warp Extractor, or purchased at a Krell-Mart. Once you have a Warp Key you are good to move onto the next step.

Using the Warp Key

Image showing warping in Void Bastards.

Once you have a Warp Key in your inventory, access your Star Map. Normally you would only be able to travel one line from your current location. With the Warp Key you are able to travel basically to the screens edge. Simply highlight a distant destination and it will show a warp path to it. Select Warp in the lower bottom right corner of the screen to travel the distance selected. This will consume one Warp Key and one Food.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy travelling faster than you normally would be able to with the Warp Key. Check out our other Void Bastards guides like what each special room does, and beginner tips.

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