Beginner Tips for Void Bastards

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Void Bastards is a first person, sci-fi roguelike that tasks you with escaping from the Sargasso Nebula. When you first jump into this game you will probably be a bit lost. Let us help you get more comfortable with these beginner tips for Void Bastards.

Read Everything

Image showing the loadout screen in Void Bastards.

The first tip and possibly most important tip I can give you is to read everything. Read every item description, ship screen, character sheet, and anything else with text on it. In the text of Void Bastards there is a ton of helpful information. Take the ship information screen above. In it we see a couple of very useful things. First, we see what the ship has onboard in the upper right corner. Second we see what important items are on the ship which in this case is the Restraint pad and what it can build. Third what and how many enemies are on the ship, which in this case is Janitors and Juves. And last but probably most important is the environmental situation. These can have either negative or positive impacts on the level. Things like heightened security should give you pause.

Learn What Each Room Does

Image showing a ship layout in Void Bastards.

Each ship you enter will have a different layout, but many of the rooms serve a central purpose. Know what each room can do is essential for easily clearing ships. Here are a few examples of room functions:

  • FTL houses fuel.
  • Security (Sec) allows you to turn off the security systems like Gunpoints and Peepers.
  • Generator (Gen) allows you to turn off an on power.
  • Helm for mapping enemies and items.

The point here is knowing which room does what and using it to your advantage. Check out more of what each special room does with our Void Bastards rooms guide.

The Part Locator is Your Friend

Image showing Locate mode in Void Bastards.

One of the first items you should build is the Part Locator. This item allows you to select items for upgrading equipment to be marked on your Star Map. To do this, make the Part Locator then access the Workbench. Toggle on locate mode in the top left corner then select upgrade you wish to find items for. This will mark it on your Star Map. This is an important tip that plays into our next one…

Upgrade, Upgrade, and Upgrade Some More

Image showing the Workbench in Void Bastards.

If you find you are hitting your head against the wall from a progression standpoint, take a step back. One really important mechanic is upgrading items you have in your inventory. Finding certain parts can help you improve your overall health, damage, and more. If you are stuck, start upgrading your gear to help you progress.

The Big Star Means Salvage

Image showing marked loot on a ship map in Void Bastards.

When you enter a ship and are looking for an important item, make your way to the helm so you can map out the ship’s contents. Once you’ve done this, you will notice a star larger than the others. This is the important item you are looking for. Use this to your advantage if you simply want to get in and get out.

Use Doors to Your Advantage

Image showing a locked door in Void Bastards.

If you run into a particularly hard enemy and need to slow it down, use doors to your advantage. Run away from the enemy and close then lock the door. This will slow down or even hinder some enemies from being able to chase you around the ship. Just be sure to remember why you locked a door!

Chests that Require Authorization Contain Parts

Image showing a locked chest in Void Bastards.

If you’ve stumbled upon a locked chest or locker and are wondering what’s inside, the answer is parts. To unlock these types of lockers you will need to pay Merit. Once unlocked you can plunder them like any other container to receive their reward.

The Parts Locker Turns Materials Into Parts

Image showing the Parts Locker in Void Bastards.

On the Workbench page there is a Parts button located in the upper right corner. This button take you to the Parts Locker. This page allows you to turn any materials you have into specific parts. This is an easy, bonus way to get parts if you literally collect everything on every ship.

Stores Contain Free Fuel and Food

Image showing free fuel and food at the vendor in Void Bastards.

On your Star Map you will see stores appear on the regular. Stopping into these stores will allow you to buy different things like food and ammo. Another reason to stop in is for the free can of fuel and sandwich they will always give.

Wormholes Take you To Random Locations on The Star Map

Image showing a Wormhole on the Star Map in Void Bastards.

If you’ve noticed a Wormhole on your map and are wondering what they do, well I’ll tell you. Entering a Wormhole takes you to a random location on the Star Map. This could mean going from Depths 1 to 2, or Depths 2 to 1. Be careful.

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  1. Moses says:

    This was helpful thanks. Id also suggest raising your max hp asap as it looks like the heal per turn (from eating 1 food) is a percentage of your max hp

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