Void Bastards Rooms Guide – Explaining What Each Room Does

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In Void Bastards you will spend a ton of your time exploring different ships across your Star Map. These ships feature different designs and different special rooms. Since these special rooms are important, I’ve thrown together this Void Bastards rooms guide to explain what each named room does.

Buzz Bay (Buzz) Lets You Launch Things into Space

Image showing the Buzz Bay room in Void Bastards.

In the Buzz Bay you can launch enemies into the void. Interact with the console to do this up to 3 times.


Image of the Airlock in Void Bastards.

The Airlock is how you enter each ship. This room is where you will need to return in order to exit the ship you are own. Note that the Airlock will not work if the power is out. Also note that some of the larger ships have multiple airlocks which make them dead ends.

Helm unlocks Mapping

Image showing the console of the Helm in Void Bastards.

The Helm is found in almost all ships you encounter. If you make your way to the Helm you are able to activate mapping of the ship. This mapping can be done at the Helm’s console. Here you will find two options, Download Ship Data and Download Enemy Locations. Download Ship Data shows you where items are and is free while Downloading Enemy Locations costs Merit.

Security (Sec) Turns Off Security Systems

Image of the security room console in Void Bastards.

The Security (Sec) room on a ship controls the ship’s security systems. These systems include Peepers (cameras), Gunpoints (mounted machine guns), and Secbot a security robot. In the Sec room you will find a console which will allow you to turn off security for 45 second (free) or permanently (costs Merit).

Habitation (Hab) Remove Contaminants

Image showing the Habitation room in Void Bastards.

The Habitation (Hab) room cures the irradiated, oily, or nauseous ailments for free, or provides protection from all environmental hazards for Merit. Interact with the machine in the Habitation room to trigger either of these treatments.

Generator (Gen) Restores Power

Image showing the generator room in Void Bastards.

The Generator (Gen) room houses the Ship’s generator. In this room you are able to turn the power back on. Doing this makes lockers accessible, closes all doors, and turns security systems back on. If you are on a ship with no power, you will need to turn on the generator.

Atmosphere (Atmo) Refills Oxygen

Image showing the Atmosphere room in Void Bastards.

On each ship you have a limited amount of oxygen in your tank. This means you can only explore for so long until you start suffocating. To remedy this there is the Atmosphere (Atmo) room. In this room you can replenish your oxygen for free, or extend it with Merits.

Operating Theatre Heals You

Image showing the Med Booth in The Operating Theatre Void Bastards.

The Operating Theatre can be found on some ships. This room houses a Med Booth that can heal you, or boost your maximum health for Merits.

Torpedo Tubes Gives Torpedos

Image showing the Torpedo Tubes room in Void Bastards.

Certain large ships have Torpedo Tubes. These rooms feature Torpedos you can acquire for yourself. Simply make your way to the Torb room and grab the Torpedo there.

Break Room Provides Damage Buff

Image showing the Break Room in Void Bastards.

The Break room you see in certain ships houses a machine that serves you tea. This tea gives you a 3x damage boost when consumed. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Garbage Room Turns Junk into Materials

The Garbage room houses a large recycler you can use to turn your junk into materials. To use the machine simply deposit the requested junk to receive the material you want.

Warp Extraction Gives Warp Keys

Image of the Warp Extractor room in Void Bastards.

The Warp Extraction room can be found on Otori Warp Crafts. This room house a Warp Extractor with one Warp Key in it. If you have the Merits you can also get more to spawn by using the Restock authorizer.

Gene Therapy Allows You to Change or Add Traits

Image showing the Gene Therapy room in Void Bastards.

The Gene Therapy room allows you to select from three traits. These traits can be added to or swapped out with your current trait.

Slots Allow You To Gamble Merits

Image showing a slot machine in Void Bastards. These can be found on certain Lux ships.

On certain Lux ships you will find Slot rooms. In this room there is a slot machine you can play for 5 Merits. You can win a number of different prizes via the machine.

Fix Upscales Junk

Image of a fix room in Void Bastards.

The Fix rooms you see feature drills which will upscale Junk into different items. Interact with the drills to activate the process.

File Room Allows You To Summon Supplies

Image showing the file room in Void Bastards.

On the CNT ships there is a file room you can enter to summon supplies. These supplies include the following: 5 Fuel, 5 Food, and random. Upon request, return to your Starmap and fly to the next ship to receive your delivery.

Dehydration Room Allows You to Dehydrate Enemies

Dehydration Rooms consist of two driers. These driers can be used to turn enemies into Dust Packs which are worth 10 Bio. To dehydrate a citizen, simply lure them into the Drier.

That’s all the major rooms in Void Bastards. Hope our Void Bastards room guide helped you learn a bit more about what each special room offers in the game.

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  1. Anon says:

    Fixer rooms upgrade different types of junk, not just volt. It’s random and can be multiple.

  2. Anon says:

    Fixer rooms upgrade different types of junk, not just void. It’s random and can be multiple.

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