Where to Get Fuel in Void Bastards

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In Void Bastards there are a couple of resources you will need to manage as you make your way across the Nebula. These resources are food and fuel. Fuel is essential to continue travelling. If you run out of fuel you will have to float which burns valuable food (since time passes). You don’t want to get stranded without fuel. To help you avoid this predicament, here’s where to get fuel in Void Bastards.

Option 1: Find Fuel in Ship’s FTL Room

Image showing a fuel can in an FTL room in Void Bastards.

Fuel is a necessary resource for almost all ships you encounter on the Starmap, so you are guaranteed to find fuel inside each ships FTL room (barring Nebula Twister which randomises salvage areas). If you are short on fuel, drop into the nearest ship’s FTL to find at least a few cans lying around.

Option 2: Find Fuel Cells on The Starmap

Image showing Fuel Cells on the Void Bastards Star Map

Another option you have of replenishing fuel is by finding fuel cells on your Starmap. These floating resources can be collected by simply flying over to the spot to collect them. Collecting fuel cells will net you anywhere from 2-5 fuel.

Option 3: Get it From Specific Ships

Image showing three different ships that have fuel.

While most ships have an FTL room with fuel in them, there are two specific types of ships that will yield more fuel for you to collect: CNT Records Boat, Krell Service Dock, and Krell Freighter.

Image showing summoning Supply Van of 5 Fuel in Void Bastards.

The CNT Records Boat features a File Room from which you can call down a supply ship. This supply ship can bring you the following: 5 Fuel, 5 Food, or 75 Toaster Juice. Summon the 5 fuel to get it delivered to you after a couple of ship jumps on the Starmap.

The Krell Service Dock is another ship which features a bunch more fuel than a normal ship. Look in the Tank room and FTL room for the fuel.

Image showing the Krell Freighter in Void Bastards.

The last ship to keep a lookout for is the Krell Freighter. This ship also features an extra helping of fuel for the taking. Like the Krell Service Dock, look in the Tank Room and FTL for your fuel.

Option 4: Buy Fuel at the Krell-Mart

Image showing buying fuel at the Krell-Mart in Void Bastards.

The last option you have for acquiring fuel is to purchase it from a Krell-Mart. These marts are scattered throughout your Starmap and feature kiosks from which you can purchase anything you need. One item that’s for sale is fuel which costs 25 Merits to purchase.

That’s all the major locations to find fuel in Void Bastards. Hitting any of the above places will net you at least a few cans of fuel that will help you on your journey.

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