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Temtem: Pigepic Fan Quest Guide

When you reach the town of Brical de Mar in Temtem you will gain access to a couple of new side quests. These side quests include the Pigepic Fan quest which tasks you with getting a Pigepic for a kid...

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Temtem Type Strengths and Weaknesses

In Temtem there are a number of Temtem types for players to tame. These Temtem types are powerful versus certain other Temtem types and weak against others. Knowing which Temtem is strong against what type is vital for you to...

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Red Dead Online: New Year Collection Guide

Red Dead Online is currently spreading some cheer by hosting a number of holiday events. These events include a number of bonuses like Rockstar gifts, new game modes, and a new collection for Collectors to find for Madam Nazar called...