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The Summer Twilight Event is upon us in Monster Hunter World and that means it is time for some new quests. On new set of quests that has been out for a while in Japan called the USJ questline is now available for all hunters to enjoy and with it comes new unlocks. To help you make your way through this new quest, I’ve put together this USJ Gold Star Treatment event guide. Keep in mind that this is part one of a multipart questline (not all parts have been released).

USJ Gold Star Treatment

Screenshot of the USJ Gold Star Treatment event information

The USJ Gold Star Treatment event is now accessible for all hunters.

The USJ Gold Star Treatment hunting quest can be accessed at any Bounty Board under the Events Tab. In this hunting quest you are tasked with slaying 3 Great Jagras in the Arena. To learn more about the quest, here is its official description:

USJ is pleased to bring you the most exciting attraction ever! Witness this grand world in all of its golden glory! You’ll be presented with some fantastic equipment once you’re done!

Besides the official description some other helpful information about the USJ hunting quest is that it is HR 4 or higher and has a time limit of 50 minutes (or 3 faints). With that out of the way, let’s get to hunting some Great Jagras.

USJ Gold Star Treatment

The USJ Gold Star Treatment event is relatively simple and should be fairly easy for most hunters to complete. In this event you are tasked with slaying 3 Great Jagras in the Arena. When you arrive in the Arena you will notice that the Great Jagras come in three different sizes-small, medium, and large (you will get both a smallest and largest crown from this). How you choose to approach the actual hunt is up to you, but I recommend checking out our Great Jagras guide if you need really in depth help. Some quick tips I have are:

  • Enter the fight prepared with necessary consumables.
  • Focus one Great Jagras at a time instead of pulling all three at once.
  • Buddy up if needed.
  • Bring fire as the Great Jagras is very weak to fire.

Once you’ve completed the USJ Gold Star Treatment event you will receive an Azure Star Shard. With the Azure Star in your inventory, return to Astera and make your way to the Smithy. Let’s take a look at what completing this event unlocked.

Azure Star Palico Set

Screenshot of the Azure Star Palico set.

The Azure Star Palico set is unlocked after completing this event.

First things first, you will want to check out the Palico Equipment low rank page. Towards the bottom of the page you should see the Azure Star set. This Low Rank Palico armor set is unlocked by completing the USJ Gold Star Treatment event. The Azure Star Palico set can be crafted with the following materials:

  • Baton: 1x Azure Star Shard, 1x Great Jagras Mane.
  • Crown: 1x Azure Star Shard, 1x Great Jagras Scale.
  • Armor: 1x Azure Star Shard, 1x Great Jagras Hide.

Once you’ve looked at the Palico set, make your way on over to weapons as there is a Low Rank longsword now available to craft as well.

Azure Star Blade

Screenshot of the Azure Star Blade.

The Azure Star Blade is a new Longsword you can unlock.

If you don’t really care about the Azure Star Palico set and instead want a new weapon, the Azure Star Blade should hopefully help satisfy this desire. Like the Palico set, this sword is Low Rank, but should be acquired as there will be other USJ quests coming down the pipe which will allow you to upgrade it. If you want to make the Azure Star Blade, you will need the following materials:

  • 3x Azure Star Shards
  • 4x Great Jagras Claws
  • 4x Monster Bone M
  • 1x Lightcrystal
  • 4000 z

Once you have all the materials, craft the Azure Star Blade to add it to your arsenal. For now it is probably best to simply store the blade until more USJ events are released.

More: Guide to the second USJ event quest.

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