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The Great Jagras is one of the first monsters you will hunt in Monster Hunter World. This large, iguana like creature is located in the Ancient Forest and can be tracked by following the Footsteps as well as Skid Marks it leaves around the map. To learn more about the monster and how to kill it, check out our Great Jagras guide below.

Great Jagras

Difficulty: Beginner (2⭐)

Location: Ancient Forest

Size: Large

Species: Fanged Wyvern

Weak To:

  • Fire 3⭐
  • Thunder 2⭐
  • Ice 2⭐

Breakable/Severable (Weak Points): Head (weak point), Chest (weak point), Front Legs (weak point)

Material (Carves + Low Rank Rewards):

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards):

Reward Money: 1200 z

Storyline Quest: The Great Jagras Hunt

Hunting Quest Text: “Things I’m not interested in writing in my daily report: “Researchers swallowed whole by Great Jagras. ” Take it out before I actually have to write it!”

Characteristics: The pack leader of the Jagras. When hungry, Great Jagras are known to attack monsters even stronger than themselves. It balloons to unbelievable proportions after swallowing prey.

Useful Information: Even after a giant meal, a Great Jagras can use its expanded stock to attack unsuspecting hunters. Aim for its belly to force it to vomit out its prey and significantly weaken it.

Great Jagras Fight

Main Fight Mechanic: Full Belly + Jagras Adds

Full Belly: When you finally locate Great Jagras, you will be able to decide when to fight, as the monster will remain neutral towards you until you choose to attack. In this state, Great Jagras will wander around and look for possible prey to devour. If you follow the monster, you will notice it swallows other creatures, which enlarges its belly. When the Great Jagras has a full belly, you can cause it to spit out whatever is inside by focusing its stomach.

Jagras Adds: Close to the Great Jagras den are a number of Jagras adds. They will jump into the fight if you are fighting in this area. You will notice that adds in the game don’t deal a ton of damage, but can be annoying when focused on the big monster.

Great Jagras Attacks:

The Great Jargas’s attacks are impacted by whether it has a full belly or not. A breakdown of both states can be read below:

*I attempted to grab all the attacks I saw. Let me know if I missed some in The Pit.

Full Belly Great Jagras:

  • Roll – Will attempt to crush you by rolling to its side.
  • Charge – Can charge towards you to close the gap.
  • Front Slam – Uses enormous belly to front slam the ground.
  • Puke – May puke on you if close to face, or shoot projectile at you when at a distance.
  • Strike – May attempt to strike you if close to face.

Skinny Great Jagras

  • Lunge & Bite – May attempt to lung bite attack you if close to face.
  • Strike – May attempt to strike you if close to face.
  • Charge – Can charge towards you to close the gap.
  • Tailwhip – Can tailwhip you if near the tail.

Fight Tips:

This battle is relatively simple as Great Jagras deals low damage. With that being said, if this is your first foray into this type of game, it can still easily lay the smackdown on you. Here are some tips for fighting the Great Jagras.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier)
  • Stay close to the Great Jagras sides – I’ve found sticking close to the Great Jagras sides to be incredibly effective. This is especially relevant in skinny form as it lacks sideways attacks. In Full Belly mode, you can stay close, but watch out for the roll attack.
  • Exploit Elemental Weakness – This isn’t applicable for a first fight (you won’t have access to elemental weapons), but is useful if you want to farm. As noted above, Great Jagras is especially weak to fire elemental damage, so burn it up.
  • Focus Belly when Full – When the Great Jagras is in Full Belly mode, focus your attacks on its belly. This will force it to spit out what it has eaten and puts it into the weaker skinny mode.
  • Jump on Staggers/Knockdowns – Great Jagras tires easily and can be knockdown easily as well. Use both instances to deal tons of damage. I’ve found there to be ample time on a knockdown to get multiple charge hit sequences with the greatsword, use this time efficiently.
  • Environmental Traps – If you fight Jagras above the beach area, there is a tree here it can knock over and get trapped in. This is super helpful, as it allows you to deal free hits.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Great Jagras Armor Sets (Rarity 1)

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Great Jagras Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Helmet – 2x Hide, 2x Mane, 2x Claw, 1x Ancient Bone
  • Mail – 2x Hide, 1x Claw, 2x Scale, 3x Monster Bone S
  • Vambraces – 2x Scale, 1x Hide, 3x Jargas Hide
  • Coil – 1x Hide, 1x Mane, 2x Scale, 2x Sharp Claw
  • Greaves – 1x Scale, 1x Hide, 1x Mane, 2x Scale

Palico: All Materials are Great Jagras Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Gunhammer – 1x Claw
  • Helm – 1x Hide
  • Mail – 1x Mane

Jagras α+β Set (Rarity 5)

α+β Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Great Jagras Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Helmet – 4x Hide+, 2x Mane, 4x Claw+, 2x Piercing Claw
  • Mail – 2x Hide+, 4x Claw+, 4x Scale+, 2x Hide+
  • Vambraces – 4x Scale+, 2x Hide+, 3x Monster Bone+*, 1x Jargas Hide+*
  • Coil – 3x Hide+, 3x Mane, 4x Scale+, 3x Jagras Scale+*
  • Greaves – 4x Scale+, 2x Hide+, 2x Mane, 2x Jagras Scale+*
Image of Jagras α Set Palico

The Jagras α Set on my Palico.

Palico: All Materials are Great Jagras Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Gunhammer – 1x Claw+
  • Helm – 1x Hide+
  • Mail – 1x Scale+, 1x Mane

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Have stuff to add to our Great Jagras guide? Just want to talk about Great Jagras? Drop some comments in The Pit below.


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