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With the start of the Autumn Harvest Fest has come the release of a new quest that was previously only available in Japan. Those of you that remember the USJ quest from last season event, will already be familiar with the next step in the questline dubbed USJ Blazing Azure Stars!. To help you complete this new quest, use our USJ Blazing Azure Stars guide below.

USJ BLAZING AZURE STARS! Event Location and Information

USJ Blazing Azure Stars Event quest MHW

The USJ Blazing Azure Stars Event quest is now available for players outside of Japan.

The new USJ Blazing Azure Stars! event quest can be accessed at any Bounty Board under the Events Tab. In this event you will be challenged with hunting a Dodogama and an Azure Rathalos in 50 minutes. This event takes place in the Elder’s Recess and has it has the following description:

USJ is pleased to present the most EXPLOSIVE show ever! Our twin blue stars will show you a dance like you’ve never seen before! Complete our challenge, and earn some fantastic armor!

Completing the USJ Blazing Azure Stars event unlocks the Azure Starlord Alpha armor set.


This hunt should go relatively easily for you high level hunters out there. The biggest challenge is facing of against two monsters during the same hunt, but that’s about it. For some very general tips, check out the list I’ve made below:

  • Eat Up – Make sure your eat up for the stat boosts before starting this fight.
  • Mantle Up – Bring a Fireproof Mantle to deal with the Azure Rathalos.
  • Consumables – Bring a various consumables including Cold Drink and Nullberry.
  • Party Up – If you need help with this hunt, party up.
  • Flash Pods – Bring along a bunch of Flash Pods and Flash Bugs to ground the Azure Rathalos when it flies.

For completing this event quest you will earn Azure Stargems which are a necessary ingredient for the event’s armor set, the Azure Starlord Alpha set.

Azure Starlord Alpha Set (Rarity 7)

Azure Starlord Alpha Set MHW

The Azure Starlord Alpha set becomes craftable upon completion of this event quest.

For completing the USJ Blazing Azure Stars event quest, you will unlock the Azure Starlord Alpha armor set. This armor set can be seen in the picture above on my female hunter. To craft this set you need to have the following resources:

  • Crown – 1x Azure Stargem, 5x Dodogama Scale+, 6x Dodogama Hide+, 3x Dodogama Jaw.
  • Armor – 1x Azure Stargem, 6x Azure Rathalos Scale+, 4x Azure Rathalos Wing, 2x Rathalos Medulla.
  • Gauntlets – 1x Azure Stargem, 5x Dodogama Scale+, 6x Dodogama Hide+, 4x Dodogama Talon.
  • Tassets – 1x Azure Stargem, 6x Azure Rathalos Scale+, 5x Azure Rathalos Carapace, 3x Azure Rathalos Tail.
  • Guards – 1x Azure Stargem, 5x Dodogama Scale+, 5x Azure Rathalos Carapace, 3x Dodogama Tail.

Set Bonuses: 2 Critical Element; 4 Mind’s Eye/Ballistics.

Once you’ve acquired the neccessary material (by running the event over and over again), you will be able to add this okay looking armor set to your inventory. What do you think of the Azure Starlord set from a looks perspective? Let me know in the comments.

More: Guide to the first USJ event quest.

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